06 November 2010

UNIVEGA Alpina Sport-Project UPDATED # II

The UNIVEGA is done. After many months it is DONE. What was the hold-up? The front derailleur. The UNIVEGA project has the most page views (375) than anything else that I have posted.Go figure! Go here to see the last post.

My goal was to build it as cheap as I could and still have a good looking bike and I think I did that. With a free frame and parts that I had onhand I still think I spent around $80-$90 on it. That does not include the rack, bag & lights.

There where a lot of lessons learn on this project and that is only going to help me with my MB-1 project.


Dan O said...

MB-1 project. Yes please. That will be cool.

Anonymous said...

I have to say after waiting for this bike, it was well worth it! The bike is awesome! It shifts really smooth and brakes on a dime. I highly recommend the setup.