02 March 2014

2014 Monster Cross Race- Post Race Report

Last Sunday was the 2014 Monster Cross Race put on by Mark Junkermann at Pocahontas State Park in Chesterfield, Va. This was the 3rd year for the event and each year the field of racers gets bigger.

This post race report is going to be a little different than I have done in the past. I have waited a week for other racers to post their race reports, pictures and videos on their sites and I am going to do my best to put them all here. So here we go

Fit Chick aka Selene Yeager has a great write-uphere

Suzie Snyder has two posts one here at Orbea and the other here. Riding Fat to a third place finish.

Local women made it to the podium from River City Women's Racing

I know you need a picture about now. How about a a birds eye view from Joe

The guy's over at Bon Secours Cycling had a great finish.

Dan's Video Love the music!

Yep! Unicyles in a monster cross race!

Looks like Ty had a great time doing 50

Johnthan trying to keep up with the cross bikes on his Superfly

A member of SBR Cycling gets his picture taken with overall winner Jeremiah Bishop.

The Dirt Diva takes on the mini monster as her first official race.

Air Force Veteran Dflat is flying high with a in the top 10 finish.

The finish area

Yours truly signed up for the mini monster this year. Because of all the crazy winter weather I had not been riding like I wanted to. I wanted to have a fun race and not be in a lot of pain later on. I did have a few issues on the bike like losing my rear brakes and could not shift off the big ring without having to stop. These were just small details. I had a great time and I had a good race finish.

Out of all the bicycles I saw, my favorite was a old school Merlin. If you don't know they are back. I did not get a picture of the bike because I never saw the dude after passing him.

Another thing we do not see at all on the East Coast is a

a big orange van! Yes it's a Sportsmoble 4x4, very cool!

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