27 February 2013

Monster Cross 2013- Post Race Report

I had signed up to do the full cross but only did a half cross after losing 50 mins off the field helping get two injured racers evac off the course.

It was another good event ran just a little different than last year. Weather was on our side with temps near 60 degrees.Since my race/ride was different than most. I want to leave you with one place that will link you to the pictures and other Blog post about the race.

So check it out all right here:

Deer hits Racer I did not see this but heard about it. This took place just before a bad crash just up the trail.

Designphysicsracing Here's the whole story on the deer!

From the Wordpress Blog of Escaping The Dreary Confines

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Joe Dirt

Lance Fun


22 February 2013

Monster Cross Race- Pre Race

This Sunday is the 2013 Monster Cross and Mountain Bike Race at Pocahontas State Park. This year there will be two distances, a half cross (22 miles) and a full cross which is 50 miles. The number of racers that will toe the line will be 575. That is 125 more people than last year.

Since I have seen traffic searching the blog for last years race report I figured I would put a few things out here before the race. Parking was good and the parking area can hold another 125 racers no problem. The on-site packet pick-up went fast. The restroom line was long. I think there was only one restroom open. The other one had been winterized by the park staff. So do number two before you come to the event!

Another thing that will be on the course that we did not have last year is two first aid stations. They will be man by two Boy Scout Venture Crews. All the kids paid for and got trained in wilderness first aid. I think this is a big deal. One they are there to help the racers out if they need first aid. But the crew members will develop some leadership and meet some of their advancement requirements. So if you see them on the course tell them thanks for the support.

See everyone at the races!

04 February 2013

Building the Kit- Tool Kit #1 Updated

You are looking at the inside of my rear tire. A Panaracer Cinder X. While out riding about two weeks ago I hear a sound like the valve stem just pop. I was able to make a trail side repair and was able to finish a 26 mile ride. I was very surprised that I got a cut in the center of the tire. After looking at the tire I believe it is a bad spot in the tire and it failed. I could be wrong..

After getting back to the house I started thinking about my tool kit. One of the problems that I have is forgetting something I need. I have tried a seat pack and a pack. I hate them both! I have searched the web checking what other people carried and how they carried their tool kit.

I spend way too many hours doing this... Tool kits go from the basics to the "I bought it so I must need to carry it". I on the other hand want something simple that covers what I need and is thought out.

Click here to see my first post on the tool kit and the items that I carried. What's Different? First off I replaced the case with a TULBAG by backcountryresearch.com I really like the bag! The griptech fabric keeps the kit in place (in your jersey pocket). A Plus all their product are made in the U.S.A.

I replace the cool tool with a Crank Brother's tool. I also took the body off the inflator to get it in the bag. But to still used the inflator, I have to use treaded CO2 cartridges.

I wrap the cartridge body with some 100 mph tape. This does two things. Gives me some tape to make a tire boot and keeps my hand from getting a cold burn when the cartridge ices up.

There it is all packed up.