28 May 2010


The Bontrager is up and running again with a new set of wheels. Well almost.. When I first rebuilt the Bontrager I was wanting a nice set of wheels made up with WTB Grease Guard hubs and skewers and rims.

I was able to win a couple of bids to get a set of 32 hole Wilderness Trail Bike Paradigm Hubs. The hubs are made with the WTB Grease Guard bearing lubrication system. To service the hub all you have to do is take a small grease gun to pump in the grease and the old grease comes out at the red O-rings.

Next, I was able to find a pair of WTB Dual Duty Rims. One of the reasons that I had chosen to go with the Dual Duty rims was that I could run it disc or rim brake and since I had the Waltworks fork made with a disc tab. I could use the same rims with different brake set-up.

But my project came to a stop for months, well okay how about 8 months! Wilderness trail bikes no longer makes the skewers. Great and I keep on getting the loosing bid! In one last ditch effort I put a wanted post on MTBr and that's where I land a set. I know for 25 bucks I could have bought a new set of another brand that would do just as good, but it's all about the look.

The wheels where lace with Wheelsmith black DB spokes and silver brass nipples. The wheels were hand-built by my friend Dartman. Time did not work out for him to teach me this fine art so two six-packs had to due plus I gave him a nice beer glass from the Hofbrauhaus.

I took off this morning for a 20 plus mile fire road ride and the wheels did great. I hope to get many more miles and I hope that it does not take me as long to get another set of wheels built!

12 May 2010

I blew-up at Powhite!

Not me the rear hub did!

The day before I had to do some work on the bike. The top of steer tube was rusting!! Thanks for the shop that put the fork on for not putting grease on all of the tube...

My plan was to get in a early afternoon ride over at Powhite park. I had ridden about 3 miles when I came to a hard hill climb that I needed to gear down to the granny to ride. I am all set-up for the climb and I peddle about three strokes and I go nowhere.

I check the bike out and I don't see anything wrong so I try it again. Nowhere ! Wait just a minute the back wheel is not making that clicking sound when it free wheels.

I still don't know what's going on, but figure it has something to do the the inside of the hub. Well, there is only one thing to do and that is walk out.

After getting home do I see that the hub shell has a crack. The hub/wheel is a Specialized M4 that I got back in 1999 or 2000. I had the wheel rebuilt about two years ago. So I guess I got my monies worth out of it!