12 March 2018

Banff Mountain World Tour 2018

It's that time of the year when the Banff Mountain World Tour makes its way to my neck of the woods. This year I was only able to get a ticket for the 1st night.

That night did not disappoint and like always the movies covered different subjects.

Imagination : Featured Tom Wallisch and was a urban skiing film. The concept was a kid sitting in the backseat  of the family vehicle gazing out the window imagining skiing and using his fingers to make jumps.

While his parents are in the front talking about who knows what, Tom Wallisch skis into the day dream making it reality for the kid and the viewer.  The parents do not see the skier because it is only in the imagination of the kid.

The Last Honey Hunter of Nepal ' s Kulunge people. This was an amazing film around 40 minutes long. The Kulunge people climb handmade ladders to climb the cliffs to gather hallucinogenic honey.  These guys climbed what seem like hundreds of feet to get the honeycomb of the largest bees in Nepal. The honeycomb were huge and covered with thousands of bees.

Armed with a smokey fire at the bottom of the cliffs and a cheese cloth head cover for protection.  They climbed bear foot and bear handed. 

Banff brings out the reminder to me that there are amazing people doing amazing things, but also there are millions of people in this world that live a life in very remote and simple ways.

If you have the chance you need to do yourself a favor and see a night of great films with friends.

11 March 2018


Another weekend of orienteering!  This meet was held at Albright ' s  Scout Reservation. ABSR is a place that I hold near and dear. Albright 's was the first campout I did as a Scout. It was also during a camporee that I was tapped out for the Order of the Arrow.

CVOC had a 1200 start and I selected to do the green course. I didn't take a picture of the hold map because I wanted to focus on control number 3. I made a map reading error at this control.  I saw a small foot bridge and thought I was at the right creek and I found the fence that is in the woods.  After making a quick search for the control I figured I was in the wrong place and I was fitting the terrain to the map.

Working to controls 4,5 and 6 I used the compass to get my heading because those controls were between 375-425 meters. While that is not that far the terrain is more flat and harder to read. This method worked out will for me. I was either dead on the control or I found the control with limited searching.

Last week I was challenged with international control descriptions and this week it was a control description of "vernal pond". Control number 13 was the vernal pond. As you can see it is a small body of water compared to the other ponds. I heard one Scout ask were's the water?  The vernal pond was the size of a hole you would get from were a large tree has fallen over and you are left with a big hole at the rootstock. I thought it was another control from another course at first.

17 Scouts worked on their orienteering merit badge over the weekend

04 March 2018

FUMA 2018 Orienteering Meet.

Fork Union Military Academy normally host an Orienteering Meet each year around February.  The years event kept getting pushed to the right because of all the rain we have been having. The meet was located on the schools campus which is a huge piece of property.

Fork Union Military Academy is a premier college preparatory boarding military schools for boys in grades 7-12 and postgraduate located in Fork Union, Virginia since 1898.

The school has a junior orienteering team and this meet helps the team raise funds to off set some of their cost.

This was the first time that I have been able to make it out to a FUMA meet. I don't know what it was, but I enjoyed this meet. I did both the 2.9km Sprint course and the 5.3km Score-O course.

The sprint course was set on the campus proper which gave me chance to see the campus which looks like VMI. This was the first meet/map that I have done that used the international control descriptions. This was not an issue for me because most controls were at steps or something around a building.

I guess, it was a 100 meters past the first control I felt the back of my pants getting wet. Had a big old fail of my water bladder. This cost me some time. I also learned that my time at the control and departure from the control cost me time.

By the time I got back my friend Eric had arrived to the meet. We decided that we would go out on the course together but be recorded and time as individuals. Thank goodness Eric had a control description sheet so we could figure out the features located at the controls. We planned our route and the order we would pick the controls up. The 5.3km had a total of 15 controls and in our plan we would not pickup controls 6 and 7.

I am a faster runner, so it worked out that I would go to the controls and punch the cards while Eric was reading the map. We figured this was how some of the two person teams are doing it at other events and it's hard to beat their times working as a individual.

The two person method worked great for us and we were spot on finding the controls. Once we got to control 9 we had a decision to make. Do we try to pick up control 6 or stay with our plan. While control 6 shows that area is open with no underbrush it happen to be a cutover area that was logged last year. We figured that it might take us 20 minutes to cover this terrain and would not be worth our time and effort.

We ended up with a time around 1:14 and got 13 of 15 controls.  I am pleased with that.

I just need to study up on the international control descriptions.  I am not sure of the scale of the map for the Score-O but I need to pay attention to the terrain details.

I wish there was more attendance at orienteering events here in the  United States.

07 January 2018

CVOC 2018 1st Day Orienteering Meet

CVOC held its 1st Day Orienteering Meet in conjunction with the 1st Day Hike event held at Pocahontas State Park.

I needed to do well on this course since I did a horrible job on the last meet I was at before Christmas. I pulled the trigger for the Green (advanced ) long course 5.4km. Below is my course map.

Right or wrong I mark my map up. I use a yellow highlighter to mark the controls and the legs between each control. I also used a red marker to make a couple on notes for reference for myself. The green lines and arrows marks the route that I took and this has been done as a review for myself and so you can see the route I took. You might have asked yourself why I might have taken the long road route vs the shorter route in the woods. The answer is I think it's faster for me. Pocahontas has a lot of fallen trees in areas because of storms over the years. This can make off-trail travel a little hard. I was please with my route choices and I was spot on my controls except for control 8 which is in a old dump site and I just happen to be on the wrong side of the junk pile. Control 4 was my only in and back out control. I was surprised when I got there that the control was a post and not a control flag. From control 6 to 7 I took a little longer route to use the intersection of the forest road to get a bearing before heading into the mountain bike trails. When I did the night course in the same area it was easy to fit the terrain to the map and be in the wrong area. That plan seem to work well for me.

One area that I need to work on is my cross-country running. I think I have the   same level of navigation skills as the adventure racers but they are kicking my  buttons with the riding. There’s always room for improvement! Well I have a month to work on that before the next meet.                                                              

27 December 2017

Blood Road

A very moving movie with Rebecca Rush. A must see!

Check out Blood Road https://www.redbull.tv/video/AP-1RVR7ZEZW1W11/blood-road #redbulltv

10 December 2017

Now I need a Plan "B" for This!

Wrote this post back in 2013 and now there needs to an update.

If The Plan "B" Goes Bad There's ineversolo.com http://bikewright.blogspot.com/2013/12/if-plan-b-goes-bad-theres-ineversolocom.html

Since the time I wrote this post I and been on again and off again on my need of a tracking/messenger service. Just like any type technology or service the bottom line for me is (1) is it really going to help me and after two months am I still going to use it? (2) What is that service  going to cost me?

Let's be honest here nothing I can purchase today that is going to help me when I am out on a road ride and a distracted (messing with a Flippin smartphone) driver hits me.

This is were I have to control expectations of what the technology and the services can do for me. It’s not going to stop that distracted driver, but will help get me life saving support in a timely matter.

While conducting my research I found out that the ineversolo.com  site  has been taken down. You cannot log in to your account on the app as well. That got me thinking that maybe there is not a need for such a service and leaving a note or sending a text or an email works just as good. But what I think I liked about the service and the website was the easy of building your plan and the alert that it sent to your contact(s).

Think about your normal work day. You get emails, text messages all day long. But we are so busy we forget about things and without that automated reminder we miss important things. I would hate that an hour after my contact got off work that they remembered that I am three hours overdue and I needed help.

I did find another website that is like ineversolo.com and it could be a replacement. There was a small yearly fee of $6.00 for the service. Once you start to add up these different sites and services it adds up to some real money.

So before I pull the trigger on anything, I am going to see if some of the tools (email, sharing links, templates ,etc) I have now will work for me. I believe development of a process that make sense and is not cumbersome will be the goal. Once I figure something out I will post an up date. But I would like to hear what other people do. So please post in the comments section.

14 August 2017

Bikewright Workshop Project -Diamondback Apex, Houston We Have a Problem

Damaged Gipiemme Seatpost

Well this is one of three problems...After riding about twenty-five miles I got off my bike and the nose of my Selle Anatomica was pointing up more than it should. Now I know why and I am not sure what caused this. I also found out that my seat rails on the Selle Anatomica were bent. I don't know if getting the saddle level and not knowing the rails were bent was part of the problem, and that I adjusted the seat clamp too much to get the saddle level or the metal was soft.

After doing some research on the web there seemed to have been an issue with the rails on the saddles and they had made a harden replacement. But of course my saddle was out of warranty. They only came with a year warranty. You guessed it I am past the warranty. Well I sent it off to be repaired because you can ride on that saddle all day without any problems. I just hope the new and improved rails work!

Damaged Gipiemme

There also must be a burr in the seat tube that I cannot find and this post was almost stuck. The post is a 26.6 mm and its tight but I have never had a post get damaged like this. I figured I got the post online and there might have been issue with the post or it was a second. I have had that happen to me on some saddles that I purchase before. Buyer beware as they say!

Just need to do this right and be done with it right? So I purchased a Thomson seatpost and it does not fit.... I mean its by a hair. I don't know if its just over spec or what. I pulled a post off my Bridgestone and that works so I the 26.6mm is the right size.

So what do I do now? I am still working on that! Stay tuned.