25 January 2016

Winter Sports of Sorts

Winter finally came this past weekend and gave us the gift of snow. It has been years since we had a snow storm like this one and this one went in the record books as the 11th biggest snowfall for the Richmond Virginia area. With totals in the 11-16 inch range.

I love the snow and I love to get out in it. This year also let me breakout my Atlas 930 snowshoes. My friend "G" had just bought his first pair of snowshoes and had been dying to use them. So people you can blame "G" for the snow if you don't like it.

Just a little ways from the house it's time to peel off a couple of layers. Snowshoeing is a great workout and you will warm up fast. I guess at this point we have 6-8 inches of fresh snow on the trail. We are using different brands of shoes but both are the same size at 30 inches.

We have to be the only people in the park and its cool to be able to lay the first tracks in the snow.

This was just a great spot to catch a video of the snow coming down. At this point we had only been out 30-40 mins and the conditions started to get worst. The wind picked up and that caused for low visibility and drifts. I am standing behind a information board to shelter myself from the snow and wind.

Here's a cool picture I took with a app on my phone. Still trying to figure how it works and how good the information is.

This morning was a day off from work and the gym. But I still wanted to get a workout in and snowshoeing by moonlight changes things up a bit.

I think the snow covered trails are calling my name again in the morning.


09 January 2016

James River Park System PSA- Wet Weather Useage

James River Park System PSA-Wet Trail Usage from Max Posner on Vimeo.

We have had a lot of wet weather for the last couple of weeks and the ground is still very wet. Trail reports have been informing riders which trails to stay off of and which trails are good to ride on.

This weekend trail crews are out to do repairs. Remember these guys and gals are riders like you that give their time to keep up the trails. They give up their riding time to keep up the places that they love to ride.

So if it's has been raining and you want to get a ride in, think about the impact and find and epic ride on the road or fire road instead.

26 December 2015

Stay Off The Trails!! Until It Dries Out!!

We have been seeing a lot of rain for the last four days. Most of the mountain bike trails in the Richmond Virginia area have seen a total rain fall of over 3 1/2 inches during that time. A good guide is for every inch of rain that a trail system gets riders should stay off the trail for 24 hours.

With  mild temperatures and people getting new bikes for Christmas or folks are off from work they want to get out and ride. I ask of you to take a few more days off the trail. Ride the road or better yet ride the Virginia Capital Trail. 

Here's the thing. Riding wet and muddy trails is not cool. This does not set well with land mangers and makes for more work for trail volunteers to fix. That's right fellow bikers volunteer to work on making and maintaining the trail systems.

Here are some resources to you can use to check out the conditions of the trails and join to help keep up the places that you like to ride. If you don't have the time to help then donate! Your money will help support the trails.


RVA Trail Report


18 October 2015

Advanced Night Orienteering

Tools of the Trade

Last night was the Central Virginia Orienteering Club's Advanced Night Orienteering Course event.  The 20 point score-O course was set in the woods in the nortwest corner of Pocahontas State Park.  The area had few man-made features other than an old forest road. This course was not for the beginner or someone with limited experience with a 2 hour time limit.  

We had a Waxing Crescent moon with about 22% visibility with temperatures in the 40's. What a great night for orienteering! 

From the start point control #1 was only about 20 feet down the forest road but took a right turn into a briar patch. That made control one hard to get to and find for some people. 

I remembered years ago I did a course in this same section and remembered that there are some steep gullies  and most of the controlS would be around these areas. 

In the day light this is an open and fast forest but at night it's time to slow down. I did not run this course other that on the forest road. It is just to easy at night to fall in a small hole from a pine stump that you did not see.

It is a little harder to read the terrain at night. I believe it is harder to figure out where you are at when you cover a section that is flat. If you are not following a bearing then you could miss the feature  because you are walking to high or to low.

Somewhere around control 6 or 7 I ran into a guy that I did my last event with. He had started the course before me and had over shot a control and was on his way back to pick up the missed control.  

We later made the mistake and followed the lights of another team and lost sometime because the control was not in the location where we saw their lights. Just remember do not follow the lights. They can be lost and so will you! 

Control 17 and 18 was our longest leg between features. Had to follow compass bearing and we were dead no the mark. 

Okay I guess I should have talked about my lights. I used a Princeton Tec Remix which has a white light and two settings of red light with the power of 150 lumens that ran off of 3AAA batteries.  I also carried a Surefire Z2 Combat light which is a single output LED with a max output of 320 lumens. The Surefire for being a hand held flashlight was a great help. I only need to figure how to dummy cord it to myself. I dropped the light twice.

On the way back to the start point was a little tricky because of the lights of the cars stopping at a corner and the front porch light of a house across the street which I thought was the lights at the finish. 

If you have not done night orienteering you need to build your skill up and give it a try. I had a great time and think it was one of the better courses that I have done.

11 October 2015

Public Service Announment- Night Riding at PSP

Night riding has started at Pocahontas State Park for everyday of the week unless the trails are closed. One issue that has come up is the riders are not placing  the  Night Mountain Bike Permit Form 
in the window of their vehicle.

Failure to not have the permit will lead to a ticket for trespassing from the Park Ranger and could lead to night riding being cancelled for all.

So make sure you have your parking pass and your night mountain bike permit if you are going night riding

That is all! 


05 October 2015

UCI Road World Championship- Richmond 2015 #3

I end my last post of the UCI Road World Championship with pictures from the Men's Elite Road Race. I was able to score a nice spot at the last switchback on the climb of Libby Hill.

There is a marker on Libby Hill that reads:" The curve of the James River and steep slope on this side are very much like the features of the River Thames in England, a royal village west of London called Richmond upon Thames.

William Byrd II, an important planter, merchant, politician and writer, was asked by the House of Burgesses to plan a town at the Falls of the James in the early 1730s.

As he had traveled several times to Richmond upon Thames, it is believed that the view led him to name this new town Richmond."

It's time for the race

From Richmond is Ben King. He lead the break away from the start of the race.

The crowd watches the race from the big screen

Main field entering the cobblestones

The Rock Stars of cycling fans! Everyone wanted to get their picture taken with them

If only these people knew he's not George

The cobblestone climb at 23rd Street. This was part of 1996 Tour DuPont race course

Close up and fast action at 15th and Dock Street

I have hundreds of photos but these are some of the highlights. This was a great day of cycling and I will remember this day for years

30 September 2015

UCI Road World Championship- Richmond VA 2015 #2

I was able to catch a little bit of the Men's Elite Time Trail this past week. The course started north of the city but I picked my location to watch at N. Lombardy and Monument Ave. For those of you that are not from the area Monument Ave is a tree line mall Avenue that runs east and westbound in the city and has monuments of Virginian Confederate participants and Richmond native and tennis star Arthur Ashe located at cross streets and round-about or if you call them traffic circles.

The backdrop for these pictures is the General JEB Stuart Statue and the St. John's United Church-Christ.

Well there you go! I think that location offered everything that a European course would offer. Crowds, traffic circle, statue, a church and outside dinning.

No cars! I have the road to myself back to work