07 August 2016

Employment =Empowerment

Hey wait a minute, that was not there the last time I rode the Cap2Cap! Cool way to make a bike shop/rental from a ship container. What's better is the story and the effort behind the store. Read it here because they can tell it better than I can rewrite it!

29 July 2016

Capturing What Life Use to be Like

Winterpock Grocery

One of the great things about riding is that you get to see the world around you a little slower. Even with riding the same route you see things that you missed before that brings some enjoyment to the ride.

So the other Sunday I put the road wheels on the Waltworks to get out for a road ride and to get some distance in. It has been a while since I have been out on the road. I think some of that has been due to the fact that people seem to not be able to just drive. They have a impulse to have to check their cell phone for whatever has just been posted and not focus on the road.

I took a route that I have ridden many times before and about 30 minutes of riding takes me to a rural part of the county that I live in. On that ride I rode to an area that had a old country church and a abandon country store. Winterpock Grocery was the name of the store and the area that I was riding in. I started to think about how that store use to be the center of that community. Only about 10 minutes by car could you be at all the superstores that you can buy most anything you want and even things that you didn't know you needed.

I remember that my Granddad on my father's side had a little country store. I can only remember going there two times but I remember getting a small paper bag of penny candy and a orange creamsicle push-up on my visits. This store to me back to that time.

It got me thinking about the people that would have come to that store to get a soda and hangout and talk with a neighbor or purchase some worms to go fishing down at the creek. That was a much slower time than our 24 hour connected life that we live today.

I figured I would start a little project on the blog and that would be capture a picture on my rides of old country stores and other things of interest and try to find some of the history behind them.

The Messenger a news letter of the Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia and on page 7 is an article titled Memories of Winterpock by Hazel Bowman Cole. This location is also a Geocache # GC5HVYC if you are into Geocaching. That is about the area where I took the picture. I hope you find it interesting and I plan on sharing more post like this.     

28 June 2016

The E-bike Debate

A few days ago in my Facebook feed there was a post about a E-bike demo day that had just taken place on a local trail system. That post started up the hold debate about E-bikes.

The opinions on this subject are everything from, they are motorized vehicles and should not be on the trail. To they are not because you still have to pedal the bike.

I guess a year or so ago when I was at the beach, was the first time I heard about an E-Bike. I belive my first comment was why would you want a E-Bike? I was told because your non-riding friend or family member will be able to ride and keep up with you (people who ride all the time). Well at the time that made some since.

After reading the post about the E-Bike demo day I have more of an opinion on this debate. First off I want to say I do think the E-Bike has its place but it's not on the trail. I am under the opinion that if it has a motor then it's motorized and is a motorized vehicle. Now I know that can be debated and I am okay with that.

I think we have to think back years ago to the first motorcycle. The first motorcycle was built when someone put a motor on a bicycle and overtime the  motors got more horsepower and the bicycle with a motor became a motorcycle. I see that the E-Bike of today is just the first generation and that we will see the E-Bike motor either get smaller and lighter or stronger/faster or both.

So my E-Bike opinion is not based on where we are at today but where we will be at years from now.

Okay, I did state that the E-Bike has it's place. I believe that place is with the cargo bike. This is the perfect application for a pedal assisted bicycles. If you do the cargo bike lifestyle thing, and use your cargo bike inplace of a car. I can see needing a motor to assist you on that type of bike.

Well for the three people who might read this I would like for you to leave your comments on this subject/debate. I am interested in your point of view on this.

20 June 2016

Be Safe Out There

I got a call from my wife today to telling me that one of the Dads of my daughters friends was hit by a car on Father's day. I was in a bit of confusion.

We had just been to dinner with that family on Saturday because both of our daughters were in the same dance production. They had talked about the Dad and son riding on the Cap to Cap trail on Sunday. So knowing that information I was confused how he had gotten hit.

Well a change of plans put him out on a back county road and a lady going to church turns in front of him and then stops causing his bike to hit the car and him going across the car.

He's a little broken up and will recover. The driver did get a ticket. I was surprised that happen. You hear so many times that the driver does not get a ticket or a charge.

I when this afternoon to pick the bike up from the church. I figured that I was going to see a bike that was broken up. To my surprise the only thing I can find wrong with the bike is a flat front tire and a drop chain. I am going to take it to a bike shop for them to get the shop to make a proper once over.

This could have ended up very badly and I hope for him a speedy recovery.

15 June 2016

Technical Difficulties

The title says it all! Last August I purchased a tablet to surf the Web and check emails. This was to free up one of your laptops for a child to do homework on. In today's world the kids homework is on the computer and not on paper.

With this change writing a post for the blog has been harder for me. One issue is the tablet does not fully function like a laptop or desktop computer. So I have had to research how to use different apps to do the same things I did on the computer.

Second issue is that I have had a hard time getting into my outdoor activities or projects either because of rain, time or waste of time....

I hope in the next few weeks I can start putting up some more content that you will find interesting.

So please check back soon!

09 April 2016

Public Servive Announcements!

This is a public service announcement! Pocahontas State Park will be closing the Morgan and Lakeview MTB trail systems on Friday April 29th and Saturday April 30th to host the Ragnar Trail Relay series.

The Swift Creek Trail System (Blueberry, Bell and Gateway) will be available to riders but it is has beed asked that you keep in mind the limited parking availability for these trails. Please keep in mind that this event is expected to be a substantial fundraiser for the Friends of Pocahontas State Park (the money will go back into the park to fund projects) and  your support in this endeavor is appreciated. It is asked that you consider enjoying the trails at another (Powhite, James River Park System-Forest Hill) facility of your choosing during these two days.

On another note, a service that the Friends of Pocahontas State Park started this winter is a Automated Daily Mountain Bike Trail Conditions and Closure Information Alert. If you text "POCA" to 804-292-2939 you will receive a text when conditions at the park close down all or parts of the trail system. This text is sent out by 6:30 a.m.. The text will tell you how many trails are closed and open and there is a link to the Friends website that will list those trails either open or close. If you text the word "ALL" you will receive a alert every day even if all trails are open.

Know your data plan if you have a limit to text that you can receive! This should help riders decide whether to head to the trails due to closures.

Over at RVA News 
Great article on the Do's and Don't on using the James River Park. This list of Do's and Don't can be for any park. The bad thing is I don't think that article or this blog is reaching the folks that are causing the problems.

So that's the PSA for today. Enjoy yourself in the great outdoors and take the time out to volunteer with a trail's group or Friend's group. Give back to what you enjoy!

13 March 2016

Banff Mountain World Tour 2016

This year marks the 25th year that Chesterfield Parks and Recreation has bought the Banff Mountain World Tour to Chesterfield Virginia. This year we had three nights of films from the world tour. A total of 26 outdoor films that were from 4 minutes to 40 minutes in length.

Here are 3 of my favorites


55 Hours in Mexico 

If you have not been to a Banff Mountain World Tour  I encourage you to do so.