18 August 2015

Post Crash Check- It's Time for a Replacement!

Well, I successfully managed to damage my helmet while I was out riding the other day. I misjudged my speed on a roller and hit the face of the next jump. I heard the helmet crack when I hit the ground. Once I got myself together I couldn't see any damage to the helmet.

So I took other look tonight and as you can see from the picture above there is an impact mark to the front. It was hard to see on the inside but in the picture below my finger is pointing to the crack.

I have had all types of name brand helmets over the years and I liked this one the best. It is a Uvex Sport Boss RS. My replacement will be a Uvex. Why you might ask? It fits! A helmet is no good to you if it does not fit you. For me the Uvex fits like a glove and it is light weight.

If you take a spill take the time to check all of your equipment to make sure it's safe!

15 August 2015

New Kiosk at the New Swift Creek Trail System- Pocahontas State Park

Today helped out with an Eagle Scout project led by Alex that involved final construction and installation of a kiosk at the new Swift Creek Trail System.

The Swift Creek Trail System is part of the Richmond Regional Ride Center. The kiosk is located at what they call the hub, which all the trails of the Swift Creek Trail System meet-up. The park is having a map made that will show the trail system on it.

I really enjoyed working on this project. I am not sure if it was the build itself or being able to see the riders enjoying the trail system and being thankful for the work being done.

This group came up from Williamsburg to ride this morning

I was really cool to see the little 6,7 &8 year olds eating up on the Blue Berry and Gateway trails.

Believe it or not, these two had been riding the single track!

On another note the trail system is getting riders that are new to the sport and might be under prepared. Like having water when its 85 degrees! If you see someone like this help them out when they tell you "I am okay". You know what it looks like when someone is in double.

10 August 2015

Pocahontas State Park Orienteering- The Green Course!

I think up until now I have only done orange course at all the Metro Richmond area orienteering events. This pass Sunday there was a green course offering and I took it. One of the things I first notice was that this course cover a lot of area and had 16 controls.I wish I could provide a picture of the map but I must have left it on the table at the finish line.

While I was helping put maps in plastic bags I notice this guy and I felt like I knew him from somewhere. I went up to him and found out that we were both in GORUCK Class 800. The guy he was with was also a GORUCK alumni and since we had that brother hood decided that we would do the course together.

Most of the course covered the area of the Lake View I & II trail system. You could use some of those trails to move from control to control but we found it to just be better to navigate off trail. Couple of the controls had some distance between them and I had to use pace count. I think this was the first orienteering course that I have had to use pace count on.

Control #9 was the first control we had an issue finding. We found a control at first that we thought was the one we were looking for but it was one from the yellow course. During the search I found a ruin that was on the map that I could use as a recovery and attack point

Old Home site somewhere off of Lake View III

I don't think I would have ever know about this old home site in the park if I had not done this course. We soon picked up controls 10& 11 and then had issue with control 12. After searching for sometime we abandoned the search for control 12. We had about 35 mins to make it back to the finish area.

They call this sport the thinking game and I think at control 12 we were not thinking too well. So we ended up only getting 12 out of 16 controls and I think we had been on the course for about 3 1/2 hours.

09 August 2015

Giving Back- Trail Work

Trails don't build themselves and maintaining those trails does not happen magically. Volunteers hit the Morgan Trail System at Pocahontas State Park yesterday. Sometimes you have to give up riding to help take care of the places you ride.

Back when we built these trails we did not have the help of the SK. The only thing that stops this thing is hitting a yellow jacket nest!

While we were working on this section an Eagle Scout Project was working on putting in some trail features

07 August 2015

Bikewright Workshop Project- Diamondback Apex The first Signs of Life

It sure seems like slow going on this project but its starting to come to life. Before I do any frame work or paint I figured this project is better off with a full mock-up first.

It seems like I have had all different type of issues sourcing parts. I found the Diamondback Mountain stem on line as NOS. The stem length is 130 mm, the steer-er tube diameter is 22.2 mm, the handlebar clamp is 25.4 mm. It also has a brass roller for the routing of the brake cable.

I purchased a set of Cane Creek SRC-5C Brake levers. They are used and did not come with the clamps. Had to source clamps.

Next on the purchase list was the drop bar. I had researched and researched on the drop bar I wanted which was a On One Midge. Searched and searched online and went to my Local Bike shop and could not find one in the USA. Yep you can't get them. So sourcing a drop bar in black that will fit a 25.4 clamp can be done with a Origin 8 Gary Bar. What you see in the picture is the Gary II which is what you need if you plan on using bar-end shifters. Over all the stem and bar set-up sets a little lower than what you would want to with a dirt drop bar. But I think this will have to do.

The wheels are just and extra set that I have to use for now. I am not totally sure what I am going to do with the wheels/hubs/drive train. But whatever I end up with I will be using bar-end shifters.

05 August 2015

The Art of Being Lost and Found

A few days ago after I got home from work I receive a call from one of my guys. Can you give so and so a call there are some people missing that went on a camping trip. So I make the call to find out that a grandmother has taking her to young grandchildren on a camping trip and have been reported as missing.

I ask where did they go? Answer to the Blue Ridge Mountains.
I asked did they leave a plan with someone about their trip? No.
I don't know if you know this or not but the Blue Ridge Mountains covers a lot of area.
Did they go to Shenandoah National Park? We don't know.
Did they go to a State Park? They did say something about Douthat.
I live near a State Park. Let me go over and see if they can call that park and see if we can find them.

While I am at the Chief Ranger office I receive a call. We found them in Shenandoah. The Park Ranger is going to talk with the grandmother now. Thanks for your help.

We used up some time and tax payers dollars to find some people who didn't know they where lost. If only had this person had left their plan with someone, they would have known they where at a campground in a National Park and that a cell phone does not work everywhere.

All ends well and I am sure that will be a story in that family for the next couple of weeks. But where this  story ends is the beginning of a blog post that I have been wanting to post for months but I was not sure how I wanted to start off.

Over the last few months I have been researching trip planning, navigation, and field forecasting just to name a few of the subjects. But what I am wanting to share is the more advance skill sets on these subjects. What I want to do is provide one place that folks who are looking at bikepacking, hiking, backpacking or whatever outdoor pursuit that they follow will give them the tools and knowledge that is needed to have a safe and successful adventure.

By no means am I an expert. I might be a ex and a pert because I can always learn something new. My plan is to post once a week about these advance skills. So just look for the title The Art of Being Lost and Found with a new tag line following it.