05 October 2015

UCI Road World Championship- Richmond 2015 #3

I end my last post of the UCI Road World Championship with pictures from the Men's Elite Road Race. I was able to score a nice spot at the last switchback on the climb of Libby Hill.

There is a marker on Libby Hill that reads:" The curve of the James River and steep slope on this side are very much like the features of the River Thames in England, a royal village west of London called Richmond upon Thames.

William Byrd II, an important planter, merchant, politician and writer, was asked by the House of Burgesses to plan a town at the Falls of the James in the early 1730s.

As he had traveled several times to Richmond upon Thames, it is believed that the view led him to name this new town Richmond."

It's time for the race

From Richmond is Ben King. He lead the break away from the start of the race.

The crowd watches the race from the big screen

Main field entering the cobblestones

The Rock Stars of cycling fans! Everyone wanted to get their picture taken with them

If only these people knew he's not George

The cobblestone climb at 23rd Street. This was part of 1996 Tour DuPont race course

Close up and fast action at 15th and Dock Street

I have hundreds of photos but these are some of the highlights. This was a great day of cycling and I will remember this day for years

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