30 September 2015

UCI Road World Championship- Richmond VA 2015 #2

I was able to catch a little bit of the Men's Elite Time Trail this past week. The course started north of the city but I picked my location to watch at N. Lombardy and Monument Ave. For those of you that are not from the area Monument Ave is a tree line mall Avenue that runs east and westbound in the city and has monuments of Virginian Confederate participants and Richmond native and tennis star Arthur Ashe located at cross streets and round-about or if you call them traffic circles.

The backdrop for these pictures is the General JEB Stuart Statue and the St. John's United Church-Christ.

Well there you go! I think that location offered everything that a European course would offer. Crowds, traffic circle, statue, a church and outside dinning.

No cars! I have the road to myself back to work

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