05 August 2015

The Art of Being Lost and Found

A few days ago after I got home from work I receive a call from one of my guys. Can you give so and so a call there are some people missing that went on a camping trip. So I make the call to find out that a grandmother has taking her to young grandchildren on a camping trip and have been reported as missing.

I ask where did they go? Answer to the Blue Ridge Mountains.
I asked did they leave a plan with someone about their trip? No.
I don't know if you know this or not but the Blue Ridge Mountains covers a lot of area.
Did they go to Shenandoah National Park? We don't know.
Did they go to a State Park? They did say something about Douthat.
I live near a State Park. Let me go over and see if they can call that park and see if we can find them.

While I am at the Chief Ranger office I receive a call. We found them in Shenandoah. The Park Ranger is going to talk with the grandmother now. Thanks for your help.

We used up some time and tax payers dollars to find some people who didn't know they where lost. If only had this person had left their plan with someone, they would have known they where at a campground in a National Park and that a cell phone does not work everywhere.

All ends well and I am sure that will be a story in that family for the next couple of weeks. But where this  story ends is the beginning of a blog post that I have been wanting to post for months but I was not sure how I wanted to start off.

Over the last few months I have been researching trip planning, navigation, and field forecasting just to name a few of the subjects. But what I am wanting to share is the more advance skill sets on these subjects. What I want to do is provide one place that folks who are looking at bikepacking, hiking, backpacking or whatever outdoor pursuit that they follow will give them the tools and knowledge that is needed to have a safe and successful adventure.

By no means am I an expert. I might be a ex and a pert because I can always learn something new. My plan is to post once a week about these advance skills. So just look for the title The Art of Being Lost and Found with a new tag line following it.

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