10 August 2015

Pocahontas State Park Orienteering- The Green Course!

I think up until now I have only done orange course at all the Metro Richmond area orienteering events. This pass Sunday there was a green course offering and I took it. One of the things I first notice was that this course cover a lot of area and had 16 controls.I wish I could provide a picture of the map but I must have left it on the table at the finish line.

While I was helping put maps in plastic bags I notice this guy and I felt like I knew him from somewhere. I went up to him and found out that we were both in GORUCK Class 800. The guy he was with was also a GORUCK alumni and since we had that brother hood decided that we would do the course together.

Most of the course covered the area of the Lake View I & II trail system. You could use some of those trails to move from control to control but we found it to just be better to navigate off trail. Couple of the controls had some distance between them and I had to use pace count. I think this was the first orienteering course that I have had to use pace count on.

Control #9 was the first control we had an issue finding. We found a control at first that we thought was the one we were looking for but it was one from the yellow course. During the search I found a ruin that was on the map that I could use as a recovery and attack point

Old Home site somewhere off of Lake View III

I don't think I would have ever know about this old home site in the park if I had not done this course. We soon picked up controls 10& 11 and then had issue with control 12. After searching for sometime we abandoned the search for control 12. We had about 35 mins to make it back to the finish area.

They call this sport the thinking game and I think at control 12 we were not thinking too well. So we ended up only getting 12 out of 16 controls and I think we had been on the course for about 3 1/2 hours.

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