13 January 2015

Adventures and Projects for this year

I have spent a lot of time this past year surfing the web,reading blogs,journals and websites of the things that I like. I have been doing that more than posting things here on my own blog BIKEWRIGHT. I have some ideas that I think that will be fun to share with the folks that visit the blog.

This year there are plans for mini-adventures, S24O rides and hikes and a GORUCK Light just for a little "Good Livin". There are also a couple of projects in the works. I am looking at building a nice Home Bike Workshop and looking at building a monstercross bike and a touring/brevet bike.

I think the bike projects will be really fun to build and fun to ride. I am looking at both bikes will be built around steel frames and different components that will make them truly unique. The touring/brevet bike I am going to look at a "reinterpretation" of an old touring bike from the 70', 80, or early 90's. I can't wait until I get that project started.

Since I will be building both of these for myself to ride and have fun with. I am looking at some companies products that I believe will make them truly unique. If you are one of the 3 people that follow the blog you will know that I like things that are purpose built and will last a longtime.

One of those companies is Gevenalle or use to be called Retroshift. They have developed some
innovative solutions for cyclocross and I think will work well into one if not both of my projects. Now I have never used or seen their products in person but this is what I like about it. Gevenalle focus on producing products that provide both advantage, affordability, more durable, reliable and my favorite ability of service and repair.

So stick with me this year! I think we will have a good time

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