13 November 2014

Outings From This Past Week

My son wanted to spend his birthday hiking Old Rag Mountain in Shenandoah National Park and I figured that would be a good birthday gift to take the day off and go with him. I guess he wanted to hike Old Rag because he did that hike as a Scout a few years back. Old Rag is one if not the most popular hikes in the park.

The weatherman was calling for some rain and that would make the hike dangerous because of the wet boulders on top of the mountain. We got a later start on the drive up and by the time we got to the mountain it was a bright and beautiful day. I called the weatherman's bluff and we started our hike from the lower parking lot to the upper lot which is about a mile up the road. Once we got to the trail head it started to rain.

Yep, the weatherman got me.. At this point we can only move forward and complete the hike. For the next 45 mins it rains on us. But by the time we get to the rock scrabble the sun is back out and the wind is blowing and most of the that are in the sun are dry.

Beautiful fall day after the rain

But in the shallows the rocks were still slick and it made for a hard day of climbing. By the time we got to the peak the wind were blowing in the mid teens and was getting a little colder. We started eating lunch and I looked over to the west back to Skyline Drive and could see that another band of clouds were coming our way.

The sign at the top

As we started off the mountain the wind started to pick-up and the temperature started to drop. We were hiking at s quick pace for about 15 mins and I looked up and saw this gray wall of rain coming at us. Just up the trail was a shelter the Birds Nest #4 which is closed other than an opening with a picnic table in it. I think by the time it is all said and done we had 10 hikers waiting out the weather in that small space.

Just remember that the weather can change on you in a heart beat in the Blue Ridge Mountains and you need to plan for it!

On Saturday I went to the Carytown Bicycle Company Pizza Crawl 6. The ride starts and ends at CBC but you ride around the City of Richmond making stops to eat a slice or two of pizza from local pizza restaurants. This was a great event and it was only $10 for pizza from 4 different places and pizza and beer back at the shop.

Great mix of riders (There must have been a hundred) and all different types of bikes. Plus I got to hang with all the young cool kids. Being one of the older riders there that night.

My pictures suck but you will get the point.

Waiting on the pies from 8 1/2 Italian Restaurant: 401 Strawberry St. All the pizza for the night was cheese and in my opinion 8 1/2 was hands down the best.

Overlooking the city from historic Church Hill we had Anthony's on the Hill: 2824 E. Broad and 29th St

The 3rd stop was at the Floodwall on the South of The River (yes you use caps when you say it and write it). There we had Papa's Pizza: 214 Hull St "Old Town Manchester"

Waiting on everyone to catch-up

Riding circles on the compass rose at VCU

Last stop before the shop was Christan's Pizza: 404 N. Harrison St. This one you loved it or hated it. Described as tasting like tomato soup on bread. No photo op at that one..

Back at CBC they had the mobile pizza oven which was cool. I had to ride back to my car which was still 20 mins away so I did not stay for pizza and beer.

Once again a great time and I would do it again. $10 is a great price to get out and ride in the city at night hitting the local pizza shops! Now I just need to find 8 1/2 by car..

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