06 July 2014

Going Fat on the Front

Checking out adventure bike blogs and the such, I see that a lot of non-racer types are running fatter tires on their steed. The other day in the garage I was cleaning up and notice I had a Wilderness Trail Bike MOTO Raptor 26 X 2.4". I had purchased a used set of Cane Creek AeroHeat wheels and the tire came on one of the wheels. After looking at the tire and the Waltworks fork, it looks like it would fit. I figured since I had the tire I would give it a try and see what a fat is all about.

Over the last year the roots are starting to be more define on the Lakeview Trails. This makes for some rough riding on a 26" rigid bike. I mounted the tire and put about 32lbs of air in the tire. This is the same amount that I run on my other 2.1" set-ups. I used this as a starting place.

A 2.4" tire does slow you down some, but that's okay because I am not racing. Overall handling is the same as a 2.0/2.1" tire. But a 2.4" just sucks up the bumps better.

That's a lot of contact with the trail!

I guess there are two things that I am looking for with this set-up. One would be something that sucks up the bumps and helps with control. Two is to help with arm and upper body fatigue. If I am able to achieve both of these items it would be such a benefit. After two rides this weekend I am encourage, but I need to ride much longer before I say fat is where it's at!

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