29 June 2014

MB-1 Test Ride

The Bridgestone in it's natural elements! This was my second test ride over the weekend. Things I found wrong on the trail that did not happen in the neighborhood. I felt my saddle was just a little low. Seat post clamp will not hold (fixed back at the Bikewright Base Camp). Cannot shift into big ring now (fixed back at the Bikewright Base Camp). Headset loose, I think I have fixed the issue. Right pedal, the bolt that screws into the axle keeps loosing. Both bearings need to be replaced...

Other than those few minor things I really love the ride and fit of this bike. I can see that this bike is going to be my S24O bike. I am already planning mini-adventures on it!

22 June 2014

MB-1 Bridgestone Rebuild Completed!

BEFORE: 1986 MB-1 Bridgestone Competition

26 June 2009 is when the Bikewright Blog started and it started because of me receiving a 1986 MB-1 Bridgestone for Father's Day. Go here to read the first post. I spend more time than money on this project. The total cost for just the bike and parts ran me $600. You can see here my post on finding some parts at the local recycle bike shop.

I didn't start riding mountain bikes until 10 years after this bike was made. So all the parts for those years I had to learn about. Out of all my research out there on the internet there was not a lot about the the MB-1 from 1986. You can find a lot from the 90's and that is what most people have. The project has be more about learning about how things work and how they made things that will last. Just this past week has been the first time that I have ridden the bike and now can understand why Grant Peterson stuck to his guns about this design. Here is my post about Peterson and his Rivendell bikes and parts cleaning.

There were post about braking things down to see how they worked.Glad I was able to put those shifters back together. I didn't know if I was going to repaint the bike or leave the finish as is. That was one of the biggest road blocks that I had to over come. I stuck with leaving it as is. I had not been able to ride the bike before I started this project and figured I just wanted to get the bike back together and if I liked the set-up I would paint it. I still don't know if I will repaint it or not. Looks cool like it is!Starting back after taking a break. Was I going to use the wheels that came on it or build a set of wheels. Check out wheel action.

Update #? was cleaning the roller cams brakes. I spent a lot of time with cleaning,removing rust and polishing parts. Did I tell you I spent a lot of time cleaning, removing rust and polishing parts. It is amazing what life you can bring to a old part.

Can't forgetupdate #?2 The headset issue was a big problem. So much so that I went back to using the original Shimano 600 headset. I also found out it was a top of the line headset back in the day.

So here you go, the AFTER shot

I replaced the saddle with a Selle Anatomica saddle. The grips were replaced with Ergon GP1 BioKork. The cables and housing are new but the coil housing is used. Everything else is what came on the bike or I found a original replacement.

Here are some shots of the BEFORE

Where do I go from here? This week should be a couple of test rides to make sure everything works correctly and make adjustments that need to be made. Oh and the search will go on for some bags for the rear rack. Not sure of the style or brand at this point. If you know of something that will look good and will hold up please leave a comment.

11 June 2014

Chesterfield Community Workshop- Bikeways and Trail Plans

Chesterfield County is having some Community Workshops (meetings) for input into the Master Plan for on and off-road bikeways and trails in the county.Here is a like to the county's website. Here is the link to the Workshop meeting locations and times.

I took the on-line survey and plan on going to a meeting or two.

08 June 2014

Trail Trash and Trail Litter What's the Difference?

This is the Bikewright definition.

Trail Trash -(n) Trail Trash is all the dirt/leaves/small rocks/pine needles and other trail crap that sticks to your legs while riding or goes down inside your boots or shoes while hiking or backpacking that can cause hot spots or blisters,

Trail Litter-(n) Trail Litter is all- (just look at the picture)

This was just from a short loop on the trails and back to the house! You would think with all the folks that ride with some type of pack on that there wouldn't be anything on the trail. So the next time you are on the trail just take a second or two and stop and pick-up some trail litter.

Thank You!


01 June 2014

DIY Boot Repair

Having to do some DIY boot repair to my Asolo GTX boots.The sole came unattached in three places on the toe cap. First I cleaned the boot and got all the crap out of the openings. I then took some rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip and ran inside the openings to make sure I got everything.

Then take your toothpick and get a good size dot of shoe goo on the tip and work it down into the sole. Once you have done that use some packing tape to hold the sole to the toe cap. I let it set for a day before I took the tape off.