15 February 2014

Bicycling Infrastructure

This week I had to take a trip to Arlington VA aka NOVA for work. Since I drove the 120 miles there I was able to drive back home before this weeks snow storm hit. I am sure the others that were at the meeting got to fly out by Friday or today.

I use to drive for a living but I hate driving in NOVA or D.C. and once I get to my hotel I am all about walking to where I need to go. Since I got there mid-afternoon the day before I was able to visit some of my personnel that work about for or five blocks from the hotel.

Leaving to hotel I notice that a Capitol Bikeshare Station had been put in. I had seen Capitol Bikeshare in D.C. but this was new seeing it in Arlington.

IMG_20140212_130300_225 by Bikewright
IMG_20140212_130300_225, a photo by Bikewright on Flickr.

After making my visit with my personnel, I started to leave the building and a women asked me how to get to another location.I pointed to her where she needed to go and she said she would use the Bikeshare. Since I live in the area of the country where you take your car to get to places and not public transportation much less a bike I had to ask her some questions about the Bikeshare.

After she got on her bike I came-up on a small park just outside to the trailhead of the Mt. Vernon Trail. There I saw this Fixtation or Bike Repair Station.

IMG_20140211_153652_948 by Bikewright
IMG_20140211_153652_948, a photo by Bikewright on Flickr.

This was cool! A QR sticker that would take you to a site on how to make repairs.

IMG_20140211_153706_087 by Bikewright
IMG_20140211_153706_087, a photo by Bikewright on Flickr.

You would think that Since Richmond is hosting the 2015 UCI World Championship we would start to see more bike Infrastructure in the Metro Richmond Area.. Maybe one day, but until then you can checkout the Bike Arlington website

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