17 January 2014

Camillus- "Demo Knife"

The name lives on but the knife does not. Camillus closed it's doors a few years ago and a another company purchased the intellectual properties of Camillus. For years Camillus furnished knives to the Armed Forces. If you want to to read a little history of the knife go here. The author of the site did a good job!

Below is what is known as the Camillus Model 1760 (which is the Army version) "Demo Knife". The two I have are a 1981 and 1991 model. Nothing changed over the years.

Here I show the knives open and you can see that the stamped U.S. on one side.

I think for a camping knife they are perfect.

It is a all stainless steel knife and I would say it is a bit over built. I believe you could use the bale as snatch block. It's not loaded to bear with a lot of tools, but I think you will find that you do not need anymore. You have a knife,can opener,flat head screw driver, awl,and a bottle opener.

The "Demo Knife" was not a refined knife in its craftsmanship. If you are looking for something nicer that would have been the Victorinox Soldier or Pioneer. I had a Pioneer (that I lost) and that would have been my go-to knife over the "Demo Knife".

If you are looking for a knife for camping, backpacking, bikepacking I believe this might be the bomb proof knife that you are looking for. You can still find them at gun shows and online auction site. You might look at paying $35 for a used Camillus knife. If you find it for less jump on it. Or a new one Which is called 2205 Military Scout

There will be no follow-up post on how the knife is doing. I have had the 1981 knife since 1985 and it is doing well!

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Ken Cook said...

You've got a really great blog, lots of interesting reading. Thanks for the link to my article. That was a long time ago but I had a lot of fun putting it together.