29 January 2014

You Scream, I Scream, We All Want Snow Cream!

Made some snow cream today since we got a couple of inches of fresh snow. I don't think I have had any since I was a kid. Glad to share the memories of my grandmother making snow cream for me with my daughter.

1 Cup Milk
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup sugar
4-6 cups of clean snow. I was always to never use the first snow of the season.

Combine the milk, vanilla extract, and sugar. Mix until dissolved, which is about 2 mins.

Stir in snow about a cup or so at a time.

eat or freeze for several mins


27 January 2014

Learn Something New Everytime I ride

Weekend before last, we had a little break from the cold weather and it was time to get some riding in. With all the rain, snow and cold temps it has been hard to be able to get out an enjoy the trails.

The water is rolling over the Swift Creek Lake Dam

Not getting across here! I hope we get a bridge here with the new I.M.B.A. Ride Center..

Love how the pine needle cover Bright Hope Trail

One of the orienteering points. Pocahontas State Park was the site of the 1975 Orienteering Championship.

Sunday I happen to see a lot of people out on the trail. I did notice a day hiker about 50 feet up in the woods and thought is was a odd spot for him to be at. There's nothing around there... Not so! On Monday I rode the same area and figured I would see why that guy was off the trail in that area.

The first thing I notice when I got off the bike was a couple of wild grape vines were cut. Then I saw a couple of more things cut...Then I saw what it was.

It might be hard to tell from the picture but this is a home or cabin site.

This doesn't grow in the woods

I cannot tell you how many times I have ridden past this area over the last 7 years. But I guess it would be in the hundreds. Sometimes you just have to slow down to see what is around you. You might learn something.

17 January 2014

Camillus- "Demo Knife"

The name lives on but the knife does not. Camillus closed it's doors a few years ago and a another company purchased the intellectual properties of Camillus. For years Camillus furnished knives to the Armed Forces. If you want to to read a little history of the knife go here. The author of the site did a good job!

Below is what is known as the Camillus Model 1760 (which is the Army version) "Demo Knife". The two I have are a 1981 and 1991 model. Nothing changed over the years.

Here I show the knives open and you can see that the stamped U.S. on one side.

I think for a camping knife they are perfect.

It is a all stainless steel knife and I would say it is a bit over built. I believe you could use the bale as snatch block. It's not loaded to bear with a lot of tools, but I think you will find that you do not need anymore. You have a knife,can opener,flat head screw driver, awl,and a bottle opener.

The "Demo Knife" was not a refined knife in its craftsmanship. If you are looking for something nicer that would have been the Victorinox Soldier or Pioneer. I had a Pioneer (that I lost) and that would have been my go-to knife over the "Demo Knife".

If you are looking for a knife for camping, backpacking, bikepacking I believe this might be the bomb proof knife that you are looking for. You can still find them at gun shows and online auction site. You might look at paying $35 for a used Camillus knife. If you find it for less jump on it. Or a new one Which is called 2205 Military Scout

There will be no follow-up post on how the knife is doing. I have had the 1981 knife since 1985 and it is doing well!

04 January 2014

Opinel No 8 Carbone, Sometimes Simple is All You Need

Opinel No 8 Carbone by Bikewright
Opinel No 8 Carbone, a photo by Bikewright on Flickr.

Opinel knives have been making their way in French farmers pockets since 1890. The Opinel No8 caught my eye a few months ago with its classic and timeless look simple design and cheap price. I was able to purchase the knife online and with shipping ran me $13.00.

No 8 Made in France by Bikewright
No 8 Made in France, a photo by Bikewright on Flickr.

Simple in design. A knife is a tool with a job to do, cutting that is. Looking for a knife to take on a bikepacking, touring or backpacking trip this might be your knife.

Opinel Carbone by Bikewright
Opinel Carbone, a photo by Bikewright on Flickr.

My Opinel No8 has a beech wood handle and a carbon blade. The No8 comes either in carbon or stainless steel. You ask what's the difference in the to different types of steel. The carbon blade is easy to sharpen. As you can see I had a couple of nicks in the blade. With a DMT sharpener and about 5 minutes I was able to get the nicks out of the blade and get shaving sharp. The blade will also rust or patina with use. The stainless steel is harder to sharpen but will not rust.

Is it a knife to take on a weekend bikepacking, touring or backpacking trip? Time will tell, but right now I would say it would be a great knife to take on that outing to cut cheese and summer sausage with and wash it off with a beer. Since I like to use it on food items and it has a carbon blade that will rust I use Ballistol to oil the knife with. So far this has worked on keeping the knife like you see in the first picture of this post.

I will do a follow-up post later in the year to see how well the knife is doing.