31 May 2013

Blog Post Dump!

I guess like anyone that has a blog, you either don't have time to make a post or don't have anything to post. Well that has happen to me. So I am setting down this weekend and doing a post dump! So here we go..

It seems like everyone is doing one of those mud/warrior/obstacle course 5K runs. I have yet figured out why anyone wants to do this. "It's fun", "It's a party" or "A bunch of us run together"! Well I guess that's great, but just not my thing. A couple of weeks ago there was one of those mud/warrior/obstacle course 5K runs (I will not name which one it was) on the fire roads near my house. I heard the turn-out for people racing was about 3500. That's a lot of people who know more about fun than I do..

A week after the racers and the race promoter had cleared the course, I went out on a trail run on the same fire roads that the course took. I was surprised by all the trash that was still on the (trail) course. I figure I would find a couple of paper cups or a tissue or gel, but this was over the top!

This section of the fire road had the most trash on it.

I don't know if you see it or not, but there is a tail of a toy airplane in the picture. I found the parts of one or two toys planes. I have not figured why you would be racing with toy airplanes. Doping is so yesterday! Toy airplanes make you faster.

Race trash

15 gallon trash bag

I could not carry anymore trash while riding the bike and I guess I still had a mile or less still to do. I think the thing that pisses me off about this is; that a race promoter needs to clean up the course or resources (the park) that it uses for these events. They charge enough for race fees to cover the clean-up and it's just the right thing to do. Not only for the park but the other park users. I know I have limit time to help support the park, but I don't want to use my free time cleaning up after someone who is making money on the event. I will get off my soapbox now.

09 May 2013