19 September 2013

Browning 12 Gauge Restoration- A True Heirloom

This has been a very special project for me.

Here's the background. Pictured above is a Belgian made Browning A-5 12 gauge shotgun, auto-5 light twelve with 29 1/2" full choke barrel. This was my Dad's shotgun and I believed it was purchased sometime in the mid 1960's. My Dad started bird hunting which this shotgun was made for. But he did do some deer hunting with it. My Dad passed away before he could pass the American Tradition of hunting to me.

Sometime in my late high school years (I believe I was 17) I found five shotgun shells in the garage and took the gun out to shoot. I shot those five shells and cleaned the gun and put it back in the case. That was 27 years ago. If you asked me why I never used it since then I could not give you an answer.

This past spring break we were at the Homestead and they have a gun club and I found out that you could use your own shotgun on the range. That is when I got the idea that if I came back to the Resort I would like to shoot my Dad's Browning.

I was hit with disappointment when I went to see the gun at my mom's and that it had rust on the gun from stored in the case. I was on a quest at that point to get the gun restored if I could.

I found out that a fellow co-worker was a gunsmith and I asked if he could do the job for me. I have know B. Pritchard for many years but I have never seen his work. But I had a gut feeling that he would do a great job.

Today I went and picked-up the Browning from Pritchard and all I can say is that I am very pleased with the finish product.

Not showroom new but still shows character! I plan on using it to shoot some sporting clays. This to me is a true family heirloom that I hope to get a life time of use.

If you have a project like this and need a gunsmith post or send me an email and I will put you in contact with Pritchard.

15 September 2013

Overlanding and other Cool Vehicles

After selling my 1990 Ranger Rover and a 1998 Discovery I still find myself checking out the expedition and overlanding sites. It just seems that the more different or weird things are the more I like them. I guess the more different and weird would be that we as American's just do not see these vehicles everyday.

I think a lot of times we wish we could be like the people that we see on these sites. Saved up the money or working on the road to enjoy the lifestyle of travel and adventure. I wish I could do that... Hold on just a minute. I have traveled and I do adventurous stuff.

So I share with you some of those fun and cool vehicles. I hope they spark the spirit of adventure with you.

Land Rover-Defender: Background WWII Monument, Dushanbe Tajikistan

Mercedes Benz 930: Hotel parking lot waiting for repairs and visa paperwork. A Germany couple drove this truck from Afghanistan to Tajikistan and were waiting on a visa to enter Uzbekistan. There is no way in hell you would ever catch me overlanding in a combat zone!

Decal on the side of the door.

Russian Urals with sidecar. I don't know what the trucks are in the background. I guess with the gloss paint these were for show. They did not have the gas to use them.

Russian Jeep, UAZ 469:

Swiss Army Pinzgauer: Northern Virginia , yes that is a different place than the rest of Virginia...

I want one of these!

Okay I saved the classic for last. I believe this guy nailed it. I think he did a real good job keeping the spirit of the classic Ford Bronco but upgrading some features.

That's it for now..

13 September 2013

Keep the Light Burning- Century Primus Lantern Rebuild

Well it's not bikes, but I am having fun bring back to life some old camping items. I still have my old Coleman lantern from when I was a Scout back in the mid 80's. There is something cool about the old stoves and lanterns and I figured working on one and bringing it back to life would be fun.

I hit the jackpot with an old Scoutmaster of mine. He survived me and my two boys and is still active in Scouting today. I was able to get a few stoves and a lantern off of him.

The lantern I got was a single mantle that goes on a bottle of fuel. I wish I had taken a before picture but the lantern was in dirty and the top had rust on 90% of it.

I did a bit of on-line researching and could not find a picture of the lantern that I had. But I believe it is a Century Primus lantern.

After a hour of clean-up and sanding and painting. This is what I ended up with.

The original paint was a almond. I used HR paint and only could find it in cream. I don't like the color! Since taking the picture I have painted it blue and I am having issues with the paint.

I will update the post when I fix the issue.

Enjoy the video on these guys have fun with there retro trucks and camping gear.

I have a couple of other projects that I will be sharing soon. Now if I could just get back to my MB-1!

02 September 2013

The Blue Bike is Back

Well folks if you remember this picture (back in April) I am happy to post that the bike has made a full recovery.

It took a couple of months but with a new power coat it is like having a new bike again.

Now I got to start making up for the miles I lost...

Little Adventure on Labor Day Weekend

We did not let a little rain at the start of our Labor Day weekend stop us from having some fun on the water.

Our first outing on the water was at Pocahontas State Park. We rented the canoe for an hour which was the right amount of time for my first time paddler.

Swift Creek Lake is a great lake to take your kid out on for a little adventure! We both enjoyed the time together and the calm of the lake.