20 April 2013

Suntour = SunXCD or SunXCD = Suntour of Old

My love of cycling started back when Greg Lemond won the tour in 1986 and my love of mountain biking started about nine years later. I am sure that my old road bike had some Suntour parts on it, but I just do not remember those days. I must have been too young to care..

But for those of you that love Sountour of old are in luck. Former President of Suntour Japan is back in the bicycle component business with a new company SunXCD. Going back to the Suntour hayday. SunXCD will focus on touring and randonneuring

What was once old is new again! Check them out here.

1 comment:

Dan O said...

Great to see them back. My Bridgestone MB-Zip back in '91 ran SunTour XC Pro stuff - nice...