30 March 2013

Bunyan Velo

If you have not seenBunyan Velo you should give it a try. I don't know how I would describe the online magazine quarterly to you other than its Nat Geo by bicycle.

29 March 2013

This is Not Good!

Got around to cleaning the frame of my CX bike last Saturday. I had a strip of clear 3M tape running down the down tube. A spot near the bottom bracket was lifted up and had some dirt behind it. I started to pull the tape off and then power came with it. To my horror was the rust behind the power.

As far as I can tell, there is only this section and some places on the seat tube that are like this. I can only guess what has caused the problem. My guess is that these section did not get cleaned like it should before receiving the power coat.

I have the bike stripped. That was the easy part. I also have received a new set of decals from the builder. The not so easy part is figuring out which route I take getting this fixed. Do I go with power again or do I go with paint? Do I go with someone local that has not power coated many bikes to save on shipping or find someone that has done 500 plus frames and have to ship?

I am going to take the next week to figure that one out..As my wife said, "It can be fixed. Just get it done." I think she told me those eight works from keeping me from having a meltdown.

08 March 2013

Wingnut Enduro- Let's take a close look

Let's take a look at what makes the Wingnut Enduro a Wingnut!

The pack is made from DimensionPolyant Sail Cloth. It's lightweight, abrasion resistant and waterproof. Everything you need for a bikepacking pack

There's lots of room in there. The pack sports 1100 cu in. I call the way it opens and the way it can be loaded is like a suitcase.

Seal zippers

This picture is the bottom of the pack and the start of the Compression Lacing System

On the left shoulder strap you have a pocket for a gel flask. It will also hold a cell phone. If you notice the routing for the drinking tube is under the arm not over the shoulder.

This is a detail I really like. The belt clip that hold the tails of the belt strap. On most other packs they have a rubber o-ring that will break. I think this one will last for a while.

The wing pockets. One of the problem with most packs is that you cannot get to your things while on the move. The wing pockets lets you get to your stuff without having to stop.

The only thing I do not like is the key hook inside the bladder pocket. It is a little Mickey Mouse and looks like it would break the first time that you use it. I also do not like having a key in the bladder pocket. I should be giving it a test ride next week

05 March 2013

Wingnut Enduro- Bikepacking and Endurance Set-up

I have been a on and off user of hydration packs over the years. The first hydration pack I ever had was a Ultimate Direction. This was back in the mid 90's. It was the first type of hydration pack that I can remember that had a waist/hip belt.It also had what was a yoke harness system that you could adjust and the pack would set lower on your back than most other packs at the time. Ultimate Direction got out of making hydration packs just for riding for a while. But they are back in that market again with packs like the Grind.

Since 2007 I have been riding with bottles most of the time. For an hour ride on the local trail it is just as simple to use and I don't need anymore than two bottles even with the hottest of temps. I would use a hydration pack on longer off-road trips that I would need to carry more stuff. On the C&O Canal the Park Service treats the wells at the campsites with iodine. I am not a big fan of iodine! The water would turn a light brown and had a bad taste.

I figured since I was wanting to do more bikepacking or ultra light cycling I needed to come up with a system that was going to work for me. I have spent hours searching the web for reviews and what others are using. Once I figure out what I think my requirements are it seems to take me forever to figure out what I am going to purchase to meet my requirement. For the longest time I have had my eyes set on some of the Wingnut Packs.

After I did some research I figured the Wingnut Enduro might be the one that would meet my requirements. The Enduro has some of the features of my old Ultimate Direction, like a harness that you can adjust up or down. It also sets low on the back.

Bedroom chair picture shoot..

One thing that is different about a Wingnut hydration pack is that it does not come with a bladder. In my research most people felt that it should come with one for the amount of money they were paying for it. But you know, this is a American made pack, that a small company makes. It is also about as different of a hydration pack as you can get. But this does give you a chance to pick any 3L bladder that you like.

In my case I am thinking about that water from the C&O Canal. So I find a MSR in-line filter that will hook into the drinking tube of a badder. The U.S.M.C. has what they call IWPS and the in-line filter is part of that system.

Please take note that you have to use the Source bladder

The bladder sets next to the back and is in it's own section of the pack.

To hook the in-line filter you must disconnect the drinking tube from the bladder. This is done by a quick disconnect.

Next is the filter. Notice that there is a arrow with the word flow. The arrow needs to point to the top of the bladder. You will also notice the the ends are different, so it is hard to get this wrong.

The next three pictures shows connecting the filter to the bladder and drinking hose.

That's it!