27 February 2013

Monster Cross 2013- Post Race Report

I had signed up to do the full cross but only did a half cross after losing 50 mins off the field helping get two injured racers evac off the course.

It was another good event ran just a little different than last year. Weather was on our side with temps near 60 degrees.Since my race/ride was different than most. I want to leave you with one place that will link you to the pictures and other Blog post about the race.

So check it out all right here:

Deer hits Racer I did not see this but heard about it. This took place just before a bad crash just up the trail.

Designphysicsracing Here's the whole story on the deer!

From the Wordpress Blog of Escaping The Dreary Confines

Dirt Diva Dynamo Flickr page

Pearsaab Flickr page

Joe Dirt

Lance Fun



Dan O said...

Looks like a great race - minus the injuries. Thanks for the links...

fleetwood said...

I checked your site out from a link on CCVA. As I was reading through I saw where you linked up to my site. Thanks! Btw, I like that inline filter idea up above. Thanks for the write up.