04 February 2013

Building the Kit- Tool Kit #1 Updated

You are looking at the inside of my rear tire. A Panaracer Cinder X. While out riding about two weeks ago I hear a sound like the valve stem just pop. I was able to make a trail side repair and was able to finish a 26 mile ride. I was very surprised that I got a cut in the center of the tire. After looking at the tire I believe it is a bad spot in the tire and it failed. I could be wrong..

After getting back to the house I started thinking about my tool kit. One of the problems that I have is forgetting something I need. I have tried a seat pack and a pack. I hate them both! I have searched the web checking what other people carried and how they carried their tool kit.

I spend way too many hours doing this... Tool kits go from the basics to the "I bought it so I must need to carry it". I on the other hand want something simple that covers what I need and is thought out.

Click here to see my first post on the tool kit and the items that I carried. What's Different? First off I replaced the case with a TULBAG by backcountryresearch.com I really like the bag! The griptech fabric keeps the kit in place (in your jersey pocket). A Plus all their product are made in the U.S.A.

I replace the cool tool with a Crank Brother's tool. I also took the body off the inflator to get it in the bag. But to still used the inflator, I have to use treaded CO2 cartridges.

I wrap the cartridge body with some 100 mph tape. This does two things. Gives me some tape to make a tire boot and keeps my hand from getting a cold burn when the cartridge ices up.

There it is all packed up.

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