19 June 2012

High Bridge State Park-Father's Day Ride

Up for something new and different for a Father's Day ride and that would be one of Virginia's newest parks. All the important information on High Bridge State park can be found here .

I suckered fellow rider "G" to tag along with me on this ride. I have been riding with "G" for 17 years and he is always up for a ride matter what type of riding it is. Can't say the same for myself since he has be trying to get me to do downhill for almost all those years.

High Bridge State Park is a rails-to-trail that follows the line of the South Side Railroad for 31 miles. There are several major access points, but if you are coming from the Richmond area. The trailhead at Rice is going to be your starting point. There is still 6.8 miles of trail to the east of that parking area that will take you to Burkeville. The map does not show it and we did not check to see if there is parking in Burkeville to start your trip for there.

We brought our mountain bikes which is an overkill. You will see all types of bikes on the trail and I think we saw the Hybrid comfort type of bike the most. Cross bike would be the weapon of choice but I think you could have a great ride on a road bike with 28mm tires.

The centerpiece of the trail is the High Bridge.

which is more than 2,400 feet long and 125 feet above the Appomattox River. I just love how they did the overhead cover. Just keeps with the railroad theme.

For the most part the trail is a 1 percent climb but you can feel it in places.

Click here for the elevation profile from my GPS

There are the $50,000 pit out houses along the trail but no water. The only place we found for water is in the town of Farmville and a guy that had a stand at his house. Which is on the west side of the bridge.

BLUF: Bottom Line up Front, High Bridge State Park is a great rails-to-trails park. The area is rich in history (Got to love Virginia for that). On our way back it was great to see all types riders and trail users. With that there gets to be a lot of people on the bridge mid-day so remember that and slow down. I did see a guy riding an mint old school Bridgestone.

Now the wheels are turning for having a underground time trial or even doing a tour from High Bridge and linking Holiday Lake Sate Park and Appomattox Court House.

Here are a few more pictures:

Old Train Station in Farmville

Just off Main Street. Just to the right are the restrooms and bike racks. Looks great!

11 June 2012

Old School Rubber!

Yesterday was one of those rides I wish I get to ride more often. It was one of those rides in which the bike hooked-up in the corners and I was able to keep the speed. On my why back to the house I was figuring out how to get another ride like that..

I have had another set of wheels hanging around Bikewright HQ and it was time to set-up the Bontrager with a second set. Now if you have been riding for awhile you are going to have a stock of old tires setting around. Well maybe not 12 years old...

The Klein Death Grip

The Klein Death Grip is a 26 X 2.1 that you can run front and back by just flipping the rotation of the tire. This is not going to be a review of a 12 year old tire, but I have been out on the Bontrager and another rider will say. "I didn't know that they made a bike. I thought they only made components". I am sure those same riders don't know anything about Klein bicycles and back-in-the-day these tires would hook-up!

I just hope I don't have to wait until this Sunday to ride them! I would like to know if anyone knows of a modern tire that is like the Klein Death Grip. Please leave a comment if you do.