04 November 2012


Picture shot out the front window of the car. I couldn't believe I found somebody still riding a Pro Flex! Thank goodness the phone has a camera on it, you would have figured I had seen a UFO trying to get the picture.

Another one of my lust over bikes from the 90s (that means I didn't have the money for it). The Girvin Vector fork was just super cool looking. If I could find a Pro Flex 957 I think I would pick it up for a build project.

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Dan O said...

Back in the early full suspension days, I dug the Pro Flex as well. For that era, not a bad suspension bike at all.

Even though I test rode one a few times (in the Seattle area) and borrowed one for a few days while visiting New Jersey (free demo from bike shop pal) - I never bought one. I considered installing one of those Vector forks on my Fat Chance also - but never did.

I see the occasional Pro Flex being ridden today. Would imagine those suspension bumpers hard as rock by now. There was a company I noticed a few years back making replacement bumpers for old school Pro Flex bikes and other suspension forks.

If I remember my history correctly. Company called Offroad morphed into Pro Flex, then was bought by K2. Ski company trying to score on the mountain bike craze.