11 November 2012

Veterans Day

I have mix feelings when it comes to Veterans Day. For one I don't know how to act when someone thanks me for my service, other than say you are welcome. I think for most people its just another Federal Holiday that they are off from work and there is some supper sale going on.

A lot of times the word "Hero" is used when people talk about someone that is a great at some type of sport. I might give it to them as being a role model and that might be pushing it.. But a Hero in my book is the service member that did not make it back home.

During my afternoon internet surfing I found the above video on the Team Rubicon Facebook page and a comment on ITS Tactical that just need to be shared.

"You do not become the person you are because you put on a military uniform.
You put on a military uniform because of the person you are." After reading this comment and seeing the above video, I said that is Harry Golden.

Duty, Honor, Country

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