30 November 2012

Military Gas Can Restoration

I know that this might seem to be a little off subject but it's not. It might not be bike stuff but it's retro grouch stuff. I have been surfing the web way to much for the last couple of months and have been finding a lot of cool things. Most of the subjects are still outdoor subjects.

So the cool thing that I have been checking out is people taking the time to bring the life in older items and then using them. So I started to look around the house to see what I had. Over in the corner I had sitting a old military gas can (jerry can). I had picked the can up at a flea market for maybe $5 almost 20 years ago when the gas gauge in my truck stop working and I had ran out of gas.

The can has seen better days and had about a cup of old gas in it. I cleaned the dust and spider webs off the can and poured some new gas in the can to clean it out. One of the things that I found out on other sites. When someone was looking to restore their can,that the inside of the can has a type of coating or liner inside of the can. A lot of those cans had coating that were damage. I don't know if the cost is worth the effort to repair... So if your are going to take a project on like this check the inside of the can before making the purchase.

With a sanding pad and about 20 or 30 minutes the can looks like this

Now it's ready for some primer. I used a white rattle can primer. I had a couple of runs but I sanded them out after drying for a few days.

Today I was able to shoot a couple of coats of OD.

I have a little more work to do and it will be finished. But I think things are looking good so far. I am not sure if I am going to paint MOGAS on the can.I have purchased replacement gasket and that should keep it from leaking. I hope to use it to either keep gas on-hand here at the house when a storm is going to roll though or when I go camping up in the mountains and might need to carry a can of gas after a day or two driving on the fire roads.

27 November 2012

Larus Park Orienteering

It has been a couple of weeks ago but I attended another orienteering event put on by the Central Virginia Orienteering Club. The course was held at the Lewis G. Larus Park in Richmond Va. I had never been to the park before and I found that the park and terrain suited this event. The 106 acre park host about 5 miles of trails.

Another treat was that the event start area was at a little private school.

School uniform or smoking jacket required? I would love to have a house like that!

Anyhow, I set off on the orange course which is the advance course about 5.1km long. My GPS told me that I ran 1km more than I needed to.. It might be hard to see from my cell phone picture

but the part of the course is on the other side of the highway. Well, how do you get to the other side?

That was different and added a bit of adventure to the course.

I was pleased with my time and I was pleased with getting all 20 controls. I did have a couple of times that I figured I was on one place on the map and I was on the wrong part of terrain feature. Another thing that I need to work on is symbols and control description terms. This term was new to me (re-entrant) I believe that is a small trail that will re-enter you back into a wooded area. Looking for something that you don't know what you are looking for can make things a little harder than it needs to be!

14 November 2012

Able to Leap over cars in a Single Bound

After many years of road riding and road running I got hit by a car. This morning four of us headed out for a run (part of our job). We were just about 4 or 5 minutes into the run when I cross the road to run facing the traffic. The very first road to my left a car is pulled up at a stop sign. The driver is looking at the traffic to their left which is my direction of travel.

I am coming up on the intersection to pass in front of the car. I am looking at the driver to make eye contact. I have this feeling come over me that the driver is not going to look to their right before pulling off at the stop sign.

Well the feeling came true about as fast as I had the thought and I find myself making a leap for the hood of the car think that I am going to hit the windshield. I ended up just running across the hood of the car and landing on my feet.

I turned to look at the driver and put up my hands like what is going on with you.. The drive looks at me for a few seconds and then takes off.

I don't know what the hell is wrong with people! She must have not cared about the dents I put in the hood...Right or wrong if you hit someone you need to stop! See if the person is OK call the police, give first aid. Show that you care..WTF

11 November 2012

Veterans Day

I have mix feelings when it comes to Veterans Day. For one I don't know how to act when someone thanks me for my service, other than say you are welcome. I think for most people its just another Federal Holiday that they are off from work and there is some supper sale going on.

A lot of times the word "Hero" is used when people talk about someone that is a great at some type of sport. I might give it to them as being a role model and that might be pushing it.. But a Hero in my book is the service member that did not make it back home.

During my afternoon internet surfing I found the above video on the Team Rubicon Facebook page and a comment on ITS Tactical that just need to be shared.

"You do not become the person you are because you put on a military uniform.
You put on a military uniform because of the person you are." After reading this comment and seeing the above video, I said that is Harry Golden.

Duty, Honor, Country

04 November 2012

Camp 7 clean-up

I took an easy ride the other week and found the primitive campsite at the old camp 7 site needing a little love. I was able to only fit in an hour of clean-up. I removed a lot of branches from the trail and campsite area. Did the best I could with my hands and a old Gerber saw to clean-up the fire ring.

The results:

Hope to fit another hour in in the next week or so.


Picture shot out the front window of the car. I couldn't believe I found somebody still riding a Pro Flex! Thank goodness the phone has a camera on it, you would have figured I had seen a UFO trying to get the picture.

Another one of my lust over bikes from the 90s (that means I didn't have the money for it). The Girvin Vector fork was just super cool looking. If I could find a Pro Flex 957 I think I would pick it up for a build project.