27 September 2012

Made In America Part-8

It has been a long time since I did my Made In America series but it has not been from a lack of products. Just a lack of time..

First up is a product that I use most everyday. In the world of computers, smartphones,GPS, and other geek tech stuff to make life easier. I still use a notebook to write things down.

Rite in the Rain all-weather writing paper. Manufactured in Tacoma Washington, the company motto is "Outdoor writing products for outdoor writing people"

I know you are thinking why would I need a notebook with all-weather paper. Well for everyday use you might not need that. But if you are reading this post then you are an outdoor person and you need a outdoor notebook that you can count on.

I used the small tan notebook in the picture when I did my C&O trip back in April. The first day of that trip it rained all day long. I was able to write down notes without any issues. The best tool for the job is either a pencil or a fisher space pen. I have tried other pens and they just don't work as well as the fisher.

If you have the need to capture information one time and it needs to survive your adventure then checkout Rite in the Rain

I have been looking at the next product for a couple of months and I pulled the trigger the other day and bought it.

The Jimi Wallet! I was looking for something that I could carry some cash, my ID and debit card when I am out riding. I have been using a plastic bag and I just did not like.

As you can see in the picture one side holds the cash and the other side your cards. I rode with it in my back pocket today and I could not tell that it was there.

Simple and what I was looking for! Jimi Wallet

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Dan O said...

No idea pads like that existed - interesting. I can see some use for that - including Geocache log books that always seem to get wet.

I do the same thing - money and ID in a plastic sandwich bag when I ride. Cell phone also when wet out. Another interesting product - thanks...