09 August 2012

MB-1 Bridgestone update #?2

The MB-1 project is coming along but things are slow. Last night I had a set back. So I figured I would share. The Bridgestone came with a Shimano 600 headset and it had seen better days and would need replacing.

I had purchase a new Ritchey Logic headset as a replacement. I pressed the cups in the head tube without to much issue. Then I tried to put the fork crown race on the fork. This is when I had problems. I matched the old 600 crown race with the new one and they seem to be the same size. After 30 mins I gave up!

I put a post on a website to see what the issue could be. During the night someone gave me that answer... The new headset was an ISO headset and I needed a JIS headset. I would have never figured that there are different types or standard sizes of 1 inch headsets, but there are..

Tonight I found this blog post over at Velo Orange. VO does a great job on giving you the low down on 1 inch headsets.

So there you,go we both learn something by my mistake!

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