10 April 2012

April Fool's Orienteering

I got out for an April Fools orienteering event at Pochontas State Park. This event was put on by Central Virginia Orienteering Club. They had set-up a yellow/orange course and green. The map above is the green course.

My plan was to run the course backward. I don't think it helped me much. It has been months since I have done a orienteering event and I think it showed. I had some problems with locating some of the points. Points 7 and 3 caused me the most problems. On point 7 I could not find the second field area. Point 3 was higher on the hill that what it showed on the map.

One thing that makes any course in the park hard is all the down trees from storms over the last couple of years. If you take the down trees out it would be some much better...Glad I did not take the map with the April fools joke on it!

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