04 March 2012

Monster Cross Race- Post Race Report

Last Sunday was the first Monster Cross Race event held at Pocahontas State Park. The Race was put on by Run Ride Race. Sunday started off as a cold morning but with 452 racers at the line things were going to heat up fast.

Click here to see a map of the course. Knowing that my training or lack of training, my plan was to start from the back and let things open up and just ride.

Here was my goal: 1) Finish the race. This would be the first time ever completing 50 miles in the park. Something I have wanted to do for sometime.2) Have a finishing time of 4:30. No race records here...

This was the first time that I had used my Waltworks CX bike in a race and I have to report that the bike did great! I just wish my body did as great as the bike!

I wish I had been able to take some pictures but I did not. If you do some searches on the web you will find a couple of You Tube videos posted. In the parking lot for the race two racers had two old (1980s) VW 4X4 Eurovans. They were decked out with full ABR roof racks and special bumpers to carry the spare tires. They were very cool. When I saw them I knew that my Blog friend Yo Eddy would have like to seen a picture of them.

Bottom Line, it was a great event. It is already posted on Bikereg for next year. I finished the race and I was under my goal my 10 mins.

I have to work on my training!

1 comment:

Dan O said...

50 mile Monster Cross race - wow - awesome.

Nice job on the effort and finishing time, sounds like a great event.

Yeah - I'd get a kick out of seeing those tricked out VW vans!