15 January 2012

Night Hike

Friday was cold and windy with gusts up to 30mph. No fun being on a bike. So I was up for a change and figured it was a good night for a night hike. Everything changes at night. The same old trails that I always travel on take on a different life.

Just happen to have a set of PVS-14 NVG's with me so I figured I would take them with me to play (train) around with and take some pictures with them for fun.

The result:This shot was taken on Fire Trail Clark looking west

and this one was looking east

78% of the Moon's visible disk illuminated but the sky was overcast.

Also took a shot of the backlighting of the Foretrex 401. I am not sure I care for the amber light. The 201 has green backlighting which I think is better for reading at night.

All of the above pictures are taken only with natural light (or lack of). I had a Petzl Tikka headlamp. With only 29 lumens is light is good for seeing things good around 5ft. Anything past that it looks like you are looking into fog. I think I am going to have to look for a light around 60 lumens or better.

Maybe I will get out another night soon.

11 January 2012

Getting Ready for Monster Cross

Just out getting some miles in for the Monster Cross race next month. First nice day in sometime.

Following a track log on the Foretrex 401. I have the setting for North up on the screen. I found that this does not work well, when what is on the ground is facing a different direction on the screen. I have changed the setting that I hope it will show direction of travel.

Here is the bridge that was put in this pass year to get campers to the pool. With the sunlight shining on it and the hill in the background you would think you are in the mountains. This section is in the Monster Cross course.