25 April 2011

A Little downtime- I won't be doing this

Took off for a little spring time vacation this past week. The above picture is of two people kite surfing or kiteboarding. It looks way cooler than surfing. At lest on the eastcoast. Watching it is like looking at fish in a fish tank.

But I am sure that if the wind picks you up it's going to hurt like hell!

14 April 2011

Somethings Are Still Free In This Day and Age

April the 18th (Taxes are due) is just around the corner and I hope you did better than I did this year, I owe Uncle Sam big time! I owe and they shorted my pay check this week, great!

April is also that time again for Spring Break. Its time to get out and have some fun. I hope that you got a tax refund but if you did not and need to do something on the cheap, here you go.Free Entrance Days in the National Parks. How about that, its National Park Week. That will save you some money and if you are reading this blog then I know you like being in the outdoors making your own adventure.

Most of us have to make a road trip to get to one of our National Parks. Well I can hook you up there too. You need your tunes and one great place to get some free music is here.

Blue Ridge Outdoors is a regional newspaper magazine that is free at our local bike shops and outdoor stores. I have been picking up an issue for about 13 years now. If you want to know what is going on in the outdoors in the Southeast States this is your place to go.

There you go, something free!I hope that makes you feel better. Go out and have some fun this weekend and next week. Don't let the tax man get you down.

06 April 2011

Gaint Demo Day-By Rowletts

Here is a plug for one of our local shops. Wish I didn't have duty this weekend..Oh wait the government will be shutdown by then. So I can go or I will be working for free.

Anyhow just get out and ride!

Join us and Giant Bicycles this Saturday April 9th in Forest Hill Park
(42nd street and New Kent Ave.)

A free event from 10am till 4pm.

Come take advantage of the opportunity to demo a 2011 Reign 0, Trance X1,
Anthem X2, Anthem X1 29er, or Cypher. Also available for demo are our TCR
and Defy road bikes.

We will also be handing out coupons good for discounts on Bikes and

For more info, visit www.Rowletts.com

04 April 2011


No we did not ride a loop, G and I circumnavigated Lake Chesdin. I was able to get out with G for a long ride. He had plans for a 76 mile route but that soon change whem winds on Saturday started kicking up to 31 mph with some showers.

Lake Chesdin is a 3100 acre water supply reservoir on the southside of the county. Our circumnatigation took us thur three counties.

No pictures of the lake (I would not take my hands off the bar to take a piture).But here is a good one for you..

We took shelter during a little shower at this old school house (Namozine School 1905).