18 October 2011

More Bridgestone Wheel Action

My parts that I ordered from Loose Screws came in over the weekend. This was the first time that I had placed an order with them and I was very pleased with the service.

I went this route for parts because I am fed-up with going to a store and they do not have the item or cannot order the item for you. I think I made this rant on another post...

If you go back to this post, you can see how nasty this wheel was. It looks like bar oil for a chain saw was used on this drive train. One of the things that I have learn working on project bikes, is that you have to take everything apart and clean it before you know if you have crap or not. Most of the time the grease and oil cleans right-up and you still have parts that are in great shape.

One of the first issues that I had to work with was the schrader hole that had been drilled in the Araya RM-20 rim. The rim was a presta that had been drilled out for a schrader tube. My friend said he did that because it was easier to get schrader tubes back-in-the-day! I guess it is just me, but schrader tubes just yell out department store bike to me. So I fix that problem I ordered a presta valve rim grommet.



Next was replacing all the bearings that fell out of the freewheel. I ordered a bag of 100 bearings and I used 73. I think I should have used 75 bearing but maybe the amount of grease I used I could not fit anymore on the race.

I used a Teflon based grease that I have found to work well and takes a long time to breakdown.Rubber rim tape is what I took-off the rims and I replaced it with 22mm Velox rim tape. Velox is the only rim tape I will use.

Next week I will take the wheels to the LBS or see if Dartman has time to true the wheels.

13 October 2011


This post is not one of my normal bikewright post, but I wanted to share a little something that happen with my kids bedtime. Let me set the seen. On most days you will see me wearing a hat. The one that I wear most of the time is a khaki operators cap with Velcro on the front, top and back. On the front I have a US flag patch.

Before reading a story tonight my daughter said " Daddy I know what that flag badge means on your hat". I said what does it mean? She said it means you are a hero.

So for the rest of you that wear a flag patch for your job, just remember there is a kid that thinks you are a hero!

07 October 2011

Starting Back at it- MB-1 project

The 86 MB-1 has been on the shelf for many months and I just started back messing with it. Some of this is because my office will be moving from the sticks to the city and I will have a chance to do some commuting. I figured the MB-1 would be a good bike for this.

There were a couple of reasons why this project was put on the shelf. One was what did I want to do with the Bridgestone. Was it going to be a full-on mountain bike that was original or was it going to be a single speed or what have you.

Second was the wheels. This has been the biggest issue for me. The spacing for the rear hub is smaller than modern day spacing (road and MTN). This leads to a lack of hubs. But Paul Component Engineering came out with a fix with the Jono Hub. I figured a nice new set of wheels built with the Jono hub would be nice and could drop some weight off the bike.

But before I was going to drop the cash on new wheels I needed to see what shape the old wheels were in. The wheels that came on the Bridgestone are Araya RM-20 with Suntour Cyclone hubs lace with 14 stainless spokes and brass nipples.

They are covered with years of dirt a old grease. I never had a bike with a freewheel so this is all new to me. I don't have the best pictures in the world but here you go.

Here is a picture of the freehub. Plastic disk still hard as a rock after 20 years..

The freewheel! Looks like a mess but this is not the original one that came on the bike and still has a lot of life left in it.

Now I would like to give you a learning point. On the front and back of the freewheel are bearings. Since old grease turns yellow and dries out and the bearing are loose, there is a good chance they are going all over the floor when you pull the freewheel off the hub. I would also guess there is about 50 of these bearings. But I would not know since I am not sure if I have found them all...

Everything is cleaning up real nice and I think these wheels have many more miles in them. So for now I am going to keep what I got. I am going to have to purchase some new bearings and rim tape.

So that's it! Until I get the parts you will just have to wait to see them finished.

05 October 2011

Still Clearing the Way

This past Sunday I was in Pocahontas State Park with a crew clearing the way on the Blue Trail. I was one of the original trail builders of the mountain bike trails in the park. This was back in 1995 and I believe we called the "Blue Trail" Towering Pines. But it seems today that they are known by their color.

I took this picture at the trailhead of of the Double Red or Little West VA. As you can see you cannot see the trail. This is from the storm at the end of August.

After shot

I was on one of the blowers and three tanks of gas got me to here

It is hard to see but there are about four guys in there cutting and clearing. I would say another good days work by all that was there.

I have only been able to get out twice to help since the storm due to one thing or another. But the folks that come out to do this work must only be about 1 1/2 percent of all the people that use the trails.. Just think if the 20% that do 80% of the work came out we would have been done weeks ago.