22 May 2011

Making the Most of it.

I have not been posting as much as I would like for the last couple of months. My time has been so limited that when I can ride or get some fun in the blog has gone to the wayside.

Well I am not going to rant about work or other things that have been taking up more time than I would like. But last week I had to take a trip to Smyrna TN for some training. I did not want to go but I did try to make the best of it!

I owned two Land Rovers over the years and as bad as it is to keep them up and running I still like them. I just like that somebody else has to deal with the maintenance issue. But I did find this Defender 110.

I don't know the year of the Defender but it was in good shape. With a little bit of work it could be a great truck for adventure. Plus it is plain cool!

Since I could not pack the bike up and bring it with me I did bring the running shoes. Running in the hotel gym just sucks! After taking a look at the map, I figured I could make a big loop around the hotel area. It was pretty cool to find an old farm just on the backside of the hotel.

I hope things start to calm down! But for now I will make the most of it.

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