06 April 2011

Gaint Demo Day-By Rowletts

Here is a plug for one of our local shops. Wish I didn't have duty this weekend..Oh wait the government will be shutdown by then. So I can go or I will be working for free.

Anyhow just get out and ride!

Join us and Giant Bicycles this Saturday April 9th in Forest Hill Park
(42nd street and New Kent Ave.)

A free event from 10am till 4pm.

Come take advantage of the opportunity to demo a 2011 Reign 0, Trance X1,
Anthem X2, Anthem X1 29er, or Cypher. Also available for demo are our TCR
and Defy road bikes.

We will also be handing out coupons good for discounts on Bikes and

For more info, visit www.Rowletts.com

1 comment:

Dan O said...

Demos are always fun and usually a chance to test ride bikes on actual dirt.