05 March 2011

We Have Ignition!

I have been working on a few projects and things have been taking there own time thus the lack of post. Four or five months ago a friend of mine gave me some old outdoor gear that he was not using. You might remember from an earlier post I got a Proflex bike and used it on the Univega project bike.

I pulled off all the parts from the Proflex that I could and the frame made its way over to The Broken Wrench Work Shop. Hope to see the frame as a lamp or something.

Anyhow, my friend also gave me a MSR stove. He said that it leak white gas and he was never going to use it again. Since I have been using a camping gaz stove for over 20 years with no issues I never lusted after another stove nor did a lot of reseach on other stoves.

I figured I was just going to sell the stove since I did not need another one. Wrong! After doing a little reseach I found out that I had a MSR WhisperLite™ Internationale stove. There were three things I liked about the stove; proven reliability,rebuildable in the field, and MADE IN THE USA.

I still like my camping gaz stove from Europe but finding a U.S. made backpacking stove, who would have figured. If you look at most of the MSR products they are made in the U.S.

Okay, back to one of the three things I liked about the stove. It's rebuildable and another project is born. There are two service kits that you can buy for the stove. The annual kit and the expedition kit. Since I did not know how old the stove was and the last time it had been service I went with the expedition kit since it has everything you need and then some. The kit runs about $25.

The following picture show some of the process of rebuilding the stove and the parts that you get.

Stove and fuel pump

Service Kit

Pulling all the old parts off the pump

All the new parts

We have ignition

I have not cooked on the stove so I will have to test that out. But I am very pleased with the project.


Dan O said...

Always great to rebuild something in the throw away age we live in. Nice job.

On your earlier post about cycling clothes made in the USA. My son is now racing for a team, whose main sponsor does that just that - make cycling and other clothes here in the US: http://www.jlvelo.com/

Cool, eh?

Bikewright said...

That's cool I will have to check them out