08 February 2011

Up for Bid- OGK Cobra Grips

*** Grips are SOLD***
I should have posted the stuff up first on my own site, but Oh well. I have up for bid here a pair of used vintage OGK Cobra Grips that came off my 1986 Bridgestone MB-1. They show signs of age but are in good shape.

I made my mind up that I was going to repalce the grip with Ergon GP1 or the Ergon GP1-Biokork. I think both grips would be in keeping with the sprit of the OGK Cobra Grips and the look of the old school MB-1.

I will also be selling the Suntour XC Pro pedals that came on the bike. I think they just need to be cleaned and packed with new grease. I can not see myself using flat pedals. So why keep them when it can help fund the project!

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