20 January 2011

Made in America-Part 7 DeFeet

"I thought finding any bike related clothing made in the US was basically impossible."
-Dan O. Yes most of us would think so, but it is not true.

Once again I bring you my Made in America series.Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina we have a company called Defeet. If you have been cycling for any amount of time I bet you have a pair of their socks.

Now are we starting to see a pattern? Go back to part 5 and Building up the Walt, all are from North Carolina.

In the picture above I have a pair of their Air•E•Ator® socks, Armskins D in blue and black and a pair of their Duraglove. The socks and the blue armskins must be 10 years old and the black armskins and gloves are about two years old.

Now I have moved away from the Air•E•Ator® socks because I need a better fit with all of my shoes. This was not a sock problem but more of a shoe fit problem.

The armskins are the only type of armwarmers that I will ride with. They stay up and there are no problems of them ever coming down. The other cool thing about armskins is that you can use them for more than cycling. I have also used them on my lightweight backpacking trips. Take one wicking t-shirt and make it a long-sleeve by just adding armskins. When that cool morning warms up you can take them off and pack them up. Bottomline armskins are all you need.

Now with the duraglove. This is just me, but once I get going and start to heat-up I do not need a heavy glove and the duraglove is just right. I don't use it much for cycling but I do use it for running and hiking. Great glove!

Price range is $10- $27 for their products which is a good deal. Defeet gets the Bikewright Seal of Approval. Check them out here.

13 January 2011

Made in America, Part 6 Bibs- Some times...

Shorts are a highly personal item and what works for one does not work for another. I guess about two years ago I bought my first pair of bibs and I will never buy regular cycling shorts again. I like the compression that the bibs provide which in my mind helps on those long rides.

Picture above are Performance Ultra II Bib Shorts. They are a house brand bibs from Performance Bicycle. The bibs on the left are about two years old made down in Costa Rica. The bibs on the right were just purchase a couple of weeks ago and to my surprise they are made in the good old USA!

Now the first thing that pops into my head is, I bought the second pair for the same amount as the first pair. How did they do that? Costa Rice per capita GDP of $11,00 and the US per capita GDP of $46,000. You can check that info out here.

I guess I will never figure that one out but glad to see that they where made here and at great price point! I put off buying a new team kit that was not going to get here until March and I was in the need of new shorts now. I was very pleased with the first set of Ultra bibs and figure I would get another pair.

The only thing that I can tell that is different from my old pair of bibs is the chamois is green and not blue and could be thicker. So far I have only used them two times and I will need to put a few more miles and one long ride before I will say if they are just as good as the first pair of bibs.We will just have to revisit this post to see how they do.

We should see Made in America part 6 &7 very soon. I found more cycling gear made in the U.S.