27 December 2010

The new Kicks

It was cool that this year we had a white Christamas in Bikewright Land. That does not happen here all the time. I could count on one hand all the years that I remember that it has snowed on Christmas.

Yesterday the local bike fourm had a post about a snow ride and some made it out but not as a group. Check out Joel Dirt he posted some pictures on his site. Also Crankee has some pictures on his site from the snow we had a week or so ago.

I figured there was a good base of the white stuff to breakout the new snowshoes that I got at the end of last years snow season. I headed out for a 2 hour hike to Camp 7 and back. The weird thing was there were places that the snow was a good 5" deep and then you would hit some spots that it might be 2".

Here are some pictures from my hike.

I have not figured out why this square hole is in the tree, but who ever did it did a good job. Maybe a covert woodpecker cam??

Nice to get out for a couple hours. I hope we get some more snow or I am going to have to make a trip to White Grass to get some real snowshoeing in this year.

14 December 2010

The Broken Wrench Workshop

For the last couple of years that I have been working on my bicycles I have been saving up, no no been a hoarder of scrap metal and broken bicycle parts or just figuring out how to recycle this stuff. You can search the web and find companies making all types of products out of other people junk (broken bicycle parts, tubes & tires).

Well you know that's cool and for the most part those efforts have not been round my neck of the woods. Until now! I won't have to save up 25 tubes and send them to a company on the west coast to make bags or wallets.

Check it out here at The Broken Wrench Workshop

These guys are just starting out and are some local rollers. Hook Matt up today with my nice little stock pile that I have been working on. If you checkout here I posted that if somebody wanted the Proflex 455 they could have it, well it found a home or will find rebirth as a piece of bicycle furniture.

12 December 2010

Scouting Things Out

It seems that my planning have been off for the last couple of months. Plans to get a workout, ride, or whatever has been just off for me. This past Tuesday was no different. I had taken the day off to scout out some new trail, well new to me. If you remember back to this post I had taken a hike with my little one and a friend and all the time I was thing this would be a cool place to ride on a cross bike.

Well back then I did not have a cross bike and since I have got mine rolling now I have been wanting to get down there and ride. And here you go!

Canal Gate

If you look back at the map on the last post these pictures where taken from points 3 to 1 on the map. I only got to ride the western end of the trail. I ran out of time to finish up going east on the trail.

As far as places to go ride and see something different and making an adventure this is about as far south as you can go. Because this is south of southside of the river.

Say tune as I get the whole route mapped out.