14 December 2010

The Broken Wrench Workshop

For the last couple of years that I have been working on my bicycles I have been saving up, no no been a hoarder of scrap metal and broken bicycle parts or just figuring out how to recycle this stuff. You can search the web and find companies making all types of products out of other people junk (broken bicycle parts, tubes & tires).

Well you know that's cool and for the most part those efforts have not been round my neck of the woods. Until now! I won't have to save up 25 tubes and send them to a company on the west coast to make bags or wallets.

Check it out here at The Broken Wrench Workshop

These guys are just starting out and are some local rollers. Hook Matt up today with my nice little stock pile that I have been working on. If you checkout here I posted that if somebody wanted the Proflex 455 they could have it, well it found a home or will find rebirth as a piece of bicycle furniture.

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Dan O said...

Cool! Bike furniture - great idea.