13 November 2010

Made In America, Part 5

It has been over a year since I did one of my Made In America post and I think I have found a winner. I was at the trading post at the 2010 National Boy Scout Jamboree and looking to see what cool gear I could find. Some of the outdoor gear is a little on the high price side but sometimes you can find a great deal.

About anything that BSA can stick a logo on is in the trading post and this was no different. I reach the back of the trading post and up until now I have not found anything to blow my money on and then I found it.

I found XGO technical base layer for $20. I had seen the XGO brand for their flame retardant T-shirts and I was impressed with this 2nd level base layer top.

Longworth Industries Inc is the parent company of XGO, Polarmax, and OPEDIX. the OGX production facilities are located Candor, North Carolina. Other than the bag that the top came in it is all done here in the USA!

The XGO Phase 2 is a midweight 2nd layer made of 100% Acclimate Dry polyester. It is a relaxed fit with flat-seam off-the-shoulder contruction. All the stuff like anti-order, anti-microbial and wicking properties are U.S> Military standards.

Since the weather has gotten a little cooler I could start to do my test. I have used it both as a outter layer and also as a 2nd under layer. The fit is on the mark for me. I found that I wear a XL in about everything. But there is always a fit issue. Most of the time the sleeve is to long and the fit on the XGO is just right. It is light weight and has a nice soft feel to it.

XGO is bikewright approved! If you are looking for a technical top or 2nd layer at a great price then I think this is it.


Dan O said...

Looks like a great shirt.

I commend your Made in America stance - not easy to do nowadays. I used to feel the same way, well actually still do, but it's so rare now - have almost given up.

Interesting article in this month's bike magazine. Interview with the old Nuke Proof gang from the '90s. Much reference to USA MFGing verse offshore.

I did IT support for two MFGing companies for 10+ years. One company was purchased, the other still exists - though now outsources all MFGing to China.

The globalization picture gets murky - BMWs built in the USA, Fiats built in Mexico, Treks make in Taiwan, etc.

With all this, we get cheaper quality products. However, we're losing something very important - a solid base of decent paying jobs.

Until the cost of MGFing in the US drops to competitive levels - which probably means a lower standard of living as well - we won't see it return.

I've kind of resigned myself to the fact the USA MFGing era is now dead - sad as that sounds. So, when I see a USA company pulling it off - cheer for them for sure.

This whole subject interests me greatly and I enjoy hearing people's view on it.

Bikewright said...

Dan- Thanks for leaving the comment. You are right the globalization picture does gets murky. My stance might not be Made in America all the time but I do want to show people that there are some good USA made outdoor products made out there.

Let's see what other products I find..