18 August 2010

UNIVEGA Alpina Sport-Project UPDATED

Here is my last post on my Univega project. It has been a very slow project for me. There where times that I should have done work on the bike but had to work on my own stuff and other times I just did not feel up to it. It has also been slow to be able to find the parts I needed at a low cost.

Here is the updated picture of the bike. The last thing I am working on is the drive train. The front D that we ordered off of ebay is the wrong one. I mean the wrong one that was sent. It needs to be a top pull and it is a bottom. Once I get past that she will be done.

Here is a picture of part of a donor bike that I just receive. Can you guess what it is?

If you guess a Proflex you where right. If you guess a 455 Proflex you hit the nail on the head. Everything that I read about the Proflex is that the elastomers would get hard and as you can see that is not the case with this one. The picture was taken one week ago and now the elastomer has total melted away.

Back-in-the-day I wanted a Proflex with a Girvin Shock. That never happen! If this bike had been one of the 855 or up I would think about rebuilding the bike. But the 455 was a low end model and to find a elastomer would be like finding the Ark.

I know there is a bit of a Proflex following over in England and if somebody wants the frame they can have it. Just pay for shipping.

13 August 2010

Watch the Videos and get out and Ride This Weekend

Spotted this over at the XXC Magazine site


The color and sharpness of the video is just amazing.

Here's another video I think you will like that I found over at ecovelo

What's cool about this? I think they did a really great job pulling off a Queen song "Bicycle Race" not I Love my Bicycle.

Enjoy, check out XXC & Ecovelo which are two great sites and go out and RIDE YOUR BIKE

08 August 2010

Bad Day on the Bike is Better Than a Good Day at Work

I took off from work this past Thursday to make myself a four day weekend. The plan on Thursday was to get some work done first thing in the morning and then go for a 50 mile ride. I figure I could make it back before it go to hot... There was the first Darwin thought that I had.

Next up I hit the cobblestones at the end of my driveway and my Garmin Foretrex 201 GPS goes flying off the handle bar and across the road it goes. I was sure that all the data would have reset it's self, but to my surprise it was still working.

I got to my turn-around point with no issue and I felt that I had made good time. So on my way back I am on a bridge that crosses the Appomattox River and I hear this plastic sound going across the road. I look down and my GPS is gone again. There is no sign of it anywhere on the bridge. I look over the side and I do not see it. But there is a trail so off I go down to the river. Great, the place where I think the GPS landed is covered in posion oak.

So after just looking around and not getting in the posion oak I figure I will have to come back in the morning when it is cooler to look for it.

So off I go to finish the ride to get back home and that's when it hit me. The heat! It must have been pushing in the upper 90's but it might as well had been a 1000. That Darwin thought that I had in the morning was catching up with me. That last 10 miles was a killer.

That afternoon I notice that it was getting dark outside and I could hear some thunder. Great! The weather guesser on TV is calling for a bad storm. I better go back to the river to find the GPS before the storm hits. Off I go and within 5 minutes of getting there I find the GPS.

After hitting the bridge and going over the side and falling 15 to 20 feet the GPS was still running and had been running for over 8 hours. Great way to test the battery? Could not believe it!

Saturday, off to do a pre-ride of the Devil's Backbone Mountain Cross course. David is going to ride with me and we are looking at doing 40 of the 60 plus miles. I forgot the cue sheet and had to go back to the car to get it. Not knowning it at the time and this is a learning moment for everyone in blogland. Check the cue sheet to make sure it matches the map. The one I downloaded off of mapmyride.com was wrong! Go figure!

On the way back we where met by 3 dogs that did not like us riding by their house. David is going to pick-up the pace to try and make it past them. The owner is in the yard yelling at the dogs, like thats going to help. I dismount and put the bike between me and the dogs. This works great until I get back on the bike.

Now I have a shifting issue and about every third turn of the crank the chain pops like it wants to shift to another gear. This is happening in every gear. After about 3/4's of a mile I get to start working and it's a good thing because I have a monster of a climb to get up.

I get back to the car and I know David has been waiting for me for sometime now. He did not know that I had a shifting issue and I did not know that one of the dogs had bit him. Not bad, but still.

Sunday, is not my day of rest but a day for repair. Come to findout that one of the pins in the cassette broke and that was the cause of the shifting issue. I would like to know what is the normal life cycle of a Sram cassette. This is the second one that I have had the pin break on me.

I am going to try this again next week and I hope I have better luck! But it was still better than a good day at work

01 August 2010

A 100 Years

A 100 years of Scouting. Took a trip the 2010 National Boy Scout Jamboree on Saturday. Most of the boys in the troop are there for the 10 days but we had a few that could not go so they went up as visitors.

We had a great time and there was a ton of Scouts there and there was a ton to do. The above picture is a headbadge from one of the jamboree bikes. At the end of the jamboree you can pick-up all types of outdoor gear for penny's on the dollar.

What's more impressive than the headbadge? That the Boy Scout of America has been around for 100 years.What other youth program has been around that long? None that I know of.

If you where a Scout at sometime in your life, I think you will always remember that. I know a lot of people that I meet tell me that they where in Scouting and one of the things that they wish they had done was stayed in and made Eagle.