16 July 2010

Gear Review-Chaco Sandals

I guess it's time to do a gear review and it's not bike gear.Two years ago for Christmas my wife bought me a pair of Chaco Sandals.How she found a pair of sandals at a local store at Christmas I don't know.

This is my second summer wearing them so I have some miles in them to do a review.First off I will tell you that if I have a bad pair of shoes or boots my lower back will kill me. So a mark of a good shoe or boot for me is that I can stay in them all day and I will have little to know back issue.

The Chaco Z/1 Vibram Unsweep is a simple sandal with boot like support. Matter of fact that's what they look like. A Vibram boot sole with nylon webbing. Unlike other sport sandals all there is between your foot and nylon webbing is nylon webbing. You would think that this would not feel good or cause hot spots but it does not. Also there is no Velcro to have to clean sand out of, just webbing!

Bottom line, buy them! Yes $95 bucks seems like a lot for a pair of sandals but your feet will thank you and in my case my back does.

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