19 March 2010

Part II of I Almost Falling Off Earth

Part II of my world wind tour.

High rent area of the village!

After leaving the parking lot we across a small bridge into the village. Unlike here in the states it must not be a real big deal to let your two year old walk around outside on their own.
If you notice in the picture the power poles are mounted to cement post with wire. It is done like that everywhere not just near the rivers.

Now remember that I said that Tajikistan was land lock. Well who knows how many millions of years ago it was under water. In this next picture you can see that this rock has the fossil remains of a seabed on top of it.

Next is a picture of one of the two village boys that was following us.

These two boys could run circles around all of us. I guest I could do that if this was my backyard! We are taking a small break to look at footprints from a dinosaur.

Just right to the guides knee you will see two imprints in the rock about 18" long. That's the foot prints. Just think when those prints where made that rock was flat on the ground. I don't think the boys that where following us know that any of this stuff is around them.

The only trails in the area are made from the the cows or donkeys on there way to feed up on the mountain. But here is a little video of a trail that was just made by the people walking infront of me.

Come on back Saturday night for part III.

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