18 March 2010

I Almost Fell Off The Earth, Almost!

For those of you that stop by and read my blog, might have been wondering why have I not posted anything in the month. Well there is a good reason. I have been on a little... let's say an adventure that has taken me half-way around the world. Matter a fact about 8000 miles give or take.

At this time I am not going into why I was there other than I was there! But I will share with you what I did on one of my days off. I don't think there are to many Americans that get to see this so that's why I am going to share it with you. I have not taken the time to make a cool video or any thing like that. So what you get is the raw pictures and video that I took. So sit back and stay with me on this and take the time to watch the videos. Let me set the stage.

This adventure takes place in the Republic of Tajikistan. I know you are thinking where is Tajikistan. In modern times Tajikstan was one of the five Soviet Stans known as Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic. It is located north of Afghanistan and east of Uzbekistan. It's a landlocked country that is covered by 90% mountains and that's where my adventure takes place.

So the plan is to take a guided hike in the mountains. All I know is that a van will pick us up and we will link-up with other people that are going on the trip. We meet up with the others and I guest we have a group of about 20-25 people that are going with us. Everybody is from different walks of life and countries. I met a guy from Sweden and a couple from Germany.

Our convoy leaves and we head west out of the capital. Remember the movie Spies Like Us there was the seen the road to Dushanbe. Well here is a picture of the City Gate on the road out of Dushanbe. We head to a place called Tursunzoda which I guest is about 30 minutes from the Uzbekistan border. We past this big and I mean big aluminum plant. We turn off the highway, I mean the road and head north past the plant. The road follows the river and as you can see the road gets better!! So I guest two hours later we come to a stop and park at village hole in the wall #1 Our hike begins thru the village that follows the river north. Now I am not sure once we get past village hole in the wall #1 and #2 that we are in Shirkent National Park or we are just hiking on some villager's land or what. Because a National Park in Tajikstan would not be like a National Park here in the US. Village kids checking us out. See I can keep this post about bikes!
Okay, this is a good stopping point for tonight and I will post more Friday night.

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