14 February 2010

So, what are you doing to maintain some level of fitness?

So, what are you doing to maintain some level of fitness during all the bad weather? I am sure that this question is flying around on most of the Mid-Atlantic mountain bike forums. I know that a question like this is on the CCVA site.

Yesterday I went out and did another orienteering event. This was listed as a Learn-O (novice) course. I think I found it to be a little harder than that. First off there was about 4" of snow in the woods and ice on the trails. This did make running a lot harder! You would think that showing up later in the day that all you would have to do is follow the foot prints in the snow and pick-up the controls with a fast time. That didn't happen for me. I think it made it worst.

Here is a picture of one of the controls that I am making my way to.

I got to the first control okay but I got mess-up on the second control. Matter a fact, I was mess-up on controls 2-5. I was given two different maps at two different scales. One had the trails and the other had the contour lines on it. With the network of trails and most of them half covered with snow I had gone to far the the right of the controls.

The results from the event was 17 people came out two teams of two people each finished in front of me so I got a 3rd. I think this is a sport that I am going to do more of this year and for a fee of $5 you can not beat that.

On another note, I love the snow but it is the aftermath that I do not like. I am talking about the sand they put down on the road.

As you can see here there is about 1-2 feet of sand that covers the side of the road. I do not like to road ride this time of year because of it. Sand and 23mm tires do not mix!

Monday is calling for rain which I hope washes most of the stuff away.

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Dan O said...

I remember the "sand bars" on the road back in New Jersey. Don't get that here often in Seattle.

That's great you get to play out in the snow.