24 February 2010

MTBO America ?

I have been rolling since my last post and I got out this past weekend for a road ride with "G" and his wife. It was nice to get back out on the bike after two weeks.Sorry for not posting sooner... More snow is in the forcast!!

Since my last orienteering event I have been studying up on my navigation and GPS skills. I think that navigation is one of the most important outdoor skills that you can have. For the most part you would not think that this skill would be needed on your local singletrack, but how my times have you had another rider ask you how to get back to the parking lot.

So for some reason I Googled MTB Orienteering and I got a hit. This is a big sport in Europe and other far off places with Championships and World Cups. So with a little more searching I found this site and the site is based out of you know it Virgina.

Seems to be one stop shopping for MTB Orienteering. I hope that this sport starts to grow here in the US. Remember back when cyclocross was a odd-ball sport here in the states and now look how that has grown over the last ten years. Maybe I am on the forefront of something here. We can revisit this post in ten years to find out.

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Dan O said...

Crazy - mountain biking and orienteering. My son might get a kick out of that - digging the Geocache thing and riding as well.

Me? That drive me nuts. When I ride I don't want to stop, or even think - just wanna go with the flow.