24 January 2010

Renaissance Bicycles Project Bike

Since I have been into the project bike build thing for the last couple of years it was nice to find a bike shop doing the same thing.Some thing vintage + modern = renaissance

Here is their most current project

I know you can purchase a new bike for what it took to rebuild the Specialized, but I think there is a cool factor here that you can not get with a lot of new bikes.


Dan O said...

I've checked out their site before - interesting what they're doing.

Yeah - technically not worth the money. Who cares - it's still cool and worth doing. When completed, those bikes have "something" that new bike never will.

That project Specialized looks great.

joel said...

that Specialized bike is pretty sweet

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the complements Fellas!

Although we didn't really build that bike with an eye on cost, it would probably sell for around $2000 ...

At the same time, when I see a custom Hot Rod I think, "Wow, that's cool." When I see a Ferrari, I think, "I wonder what that costs?"

And we have another unique project in the works: http://bit.ly/bPI1A5

Bryan @ Renaissance Bicycles