30 January 2010

Cabin Fever, NOT!

At the Bikewright Base Camp we received a good 10" of the white stuff.It was just 60 degrees on Friday! I wish I had a new pair of snowshoes, but I did get out today for a 2 hour hike. G went riding in the park today and was to link-up later for the hike. He called and said he could not make it because it was just to bad.

Looks like we will try again on Sunday and I will update with some more pictures.

24 January 2010

Renaissance Bicycles Project Bike

Since I have been into the project bike build thing for the last couple of years it was nice to find a bike shop doing the same thing.Some thing vintage + modern = renaissance

Here is their most current project

I know you can purchase a new bike for what it took to rebuild the Specialized, but I think there is a cool factor here that you can not get with a lot of new bikes.

What a Week !!!

Due to the crazy world in which we live I have not been able to post anything about my outdoor outing last Sunday. Which I will share in just a bit. I was called out for this event last Tuesday and I did not get home to sleep until Wednesday around 1:30 pm and I have been going ever since.

So back to last Sunday. My wife was having to work at the house and my little one and I needed to get out of the house. So I called my buddy Ron to meet us for a short hike on the Appomattox River. Go here to learn more about the Appomattox River.

Little did we know that our 30-45 min hike was going to take a few hours. A lot of work has been done on the river to make the Appomattox River Heritage Trail. The Friends of the Lower Appomattox have been the lead group on this effort.

When this is done it will be as long or longer than the trail system on the James River in Richmond.

Here I am going to share some pictures that I took. I don't know how old somethings are but I would guest that somethings go back to the Civil War.

From the river looking up at Virginia State College.

Julia with here walkie-talkie

Fast moving water at first dam

This must have been the site of an old mill. Cool stone work!

I bet it looked just as cool looking down on the river as it did looking up.

After the hike we made a stop at Longstreet’s Deli—302 N Sycamore St. FYI on Monday's they close at 3:00 pm. Great food and Beer. I think I counted 22 taps!

17 January 2010

A Week Roll-up

For Christmas I received Chris Carmicheal's new book titled The Time Crunched Cyclist. The title is why I bought the book. How to get fit and powerful training 6 hours a week.

I have been tracking my training for the last two years and with work and family that's where I fall in at. Six hours is not much but I want to get the most out of my 6 hours. I think the first 50 pages of the book you could just skip. Chris will say the same thing a couple of times and I am thinking to myself "didn't I just read that". Here's a couple of things that I do get from the book, He likes a power meter, GU products. Just go to his website and you will see why.

The rubber hits the road when you get to the chapters on the CTS field test, training plans, performance tips and strength training. The performance tips hit home for me on why I have been dropped from the pack.

I do plan on given his training plan a try when I get back from my outting overseas. Sofar just some of the things that he has talked about has help. I will let you know how this works for me.

Next up, I was able to get some Tank Road riding this week. That's right Tank Roads. I got the ok to ride in the training area's on the Northside of Post. This will lead to some serious gravel grinders. From the office and just riding around one training area took me an hour and 12 minutes. There are 3 more area's to ride and then to link them up different ways. I hope after riding it for the next month I will get a feel about putting on an grass roots event. I don't know why I had not done this before. Lot's of riding!

Not sure that I have a lot to post this week but here you go.

Above are the Suntour Cranks that I cleaned up and replaced the middle ring with a Orgin 8 chainring. They started off looking like they had the oil and dirt build -up on a chain saw. The Orgin 8 chainring is made in the USA. I tried to research but could not find the wesite but I beleive that one company makes the rings for Orgin 8, Rocket & Salsa.

I am working on the front and rear "D" and they are in the same shape as the crank as far as the oil and dirt goes. This week I will have to find a set of 10t jockey pulleys.

I am also looking for a set of Wilderness Trail Bike Skewers. So if anybody has some let me know
That's it for the past week. Hope to have some pictures this week for you!

03 January 2010

"The Thinking Sport"

Yesterday I needed to get out and burn off some of that Christmas eating that I have been doing to much of. Something about 30 degrees and 30 mph wind did not look good to me for a bike ride. So luck had it there was and orienteering event taking place at one of the county parks.

I think orienteering is one of those off beat sports just like cyclocross was 10 years ago.But if you don't know what it is, orienteering is a sport where you use map & compass to find controls on the course and punch your control card and get back to the finish with the fastest time.

Here's a picture of a control out on the field. This one was easy to find, but you get the point. You can see how hard the wind was blowing.

Since it was cold the course setter shorten the course to only 10 controls. I was able to finish with a time of 25+. I am still waiting for the times to be posted.I had a great time and for once was on my game. I was in 1st when I left the event.

This is a fun event to do and if you have kids and want to teach them how to read a map and compass, do some physical fitness, and decision-making then this is it.

01 January 2010

Braking it down

Happy New Year! Today was take down and put away Christmas. Today marks that the holidays are over in the Bikewright house hold. If we did not take down and put away the Christmas stuff this weekend, then who knows when it would have been done. Wife has been a trooper all day. She has been under the weather today and should have not been helping at all.

I did get a little time to work on my Bridgestone project. Today I started on the handle bar/brakes/shifter. I start by taking the O.G.K Cobra grips off. If you set the end of the grip that goes to the center of the bar the grip looks like a Cobra. From what I can find on the web they where made in the mid 80's. They do have that ergonomic feel to them. It's funny how things come back it style. I don't know what it is but I am not feeling these grips and I have plans that I will replace them. Not sure what I will do but I love Ergon GP1's, or maybe something like this. Wow $84 bucks!

Next I moved onto the Dia-Compe 183 brake levers. I think they are about 190g and all I needed to do was clean them up and replace the barrel adjuster on the right lever. I had to buy another lever at a recycle bike shop to get the part. I don't think I paid any more than $3 for the lever. One thing that is cool and they where thinking back-in-the-day is that the lever handle is replaceable.

Then I moved to the Suntour XC shifter. Now this is where it got fun. When I started mountain biking in the mid 90's I started off using Grip Shift shifters, so the thumbies are something different to me. So they where a blast to take apart and clean-up 23 year old grease off of them.

After taking everything off this is what I got. Man that's a lot of parts for one shifter. I hope I remember how the thing goes back together.

Here's a shot of the clamp and base of the shifter mount.

Next is the upper part of the shifter

Here is everything back on the bar.

Like I said, this part of the project has been fun. Learning how something works taking it apart and putting it back together. It's a shame that as simple as a bike is that most modern parts are just throw a ways.